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Coffee Shop / Xinyi  Taipei 
咖啡店 / 台北信義區

A new colorful coffee shop opened this week in Taipei , located near of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, and they have an importat mission to complete while selling their delicious drip coffee.
We spoke with Juan Diego one of the founders of IMPCT Coffee for the future and he explained really well to us the whole project and whats behind this initiative. 

一間彩色屋頂、明亮的新咖啡店"IMPCT Coffee for the Future"這週開幕了,位於國父紀念館及忠孝敦化站中間(台北市大安區延吉街153-5號),他們不僅提供豐富多樣的精品咖啡,更肩負著重要改變世界的使命。我們與其中一位創辦人Juan Diego聊了一下,他告訴我們許多關於這個堆砌未來的咖啡計畫,以及當初創立的動機。

Coffee for the Future is the most recent initiative by IMPCT, Taiwan's most successful social enterprise and one of US President Bill Clinton's "Top companies changing the world". It's the world's first "impact trade" coffee program, a new model they've developed to relieve poverty in coffee producing nations. It involves directly sourcing specialty coffee directly from poor countries and investing 100% of the profits back into local women to build and own schools to support local children and families.

Coffee for the Future 是近期IMPCT推出的概念,IMPCT不僅獲得美國前總統Bill Clinton讚賞為數一數二可以改變世界的團隊,更被譽為臺灣最成功的社會企業。而他們首創的"影響貿易"咖啡計畫,一個嶄新的模式能夠改變那些種植咖啡等貧窮國家人民的困境。IMPCT直接與當地農民合作、購買精品咖啡豆,將全數收益投資當地婦女,共同建造起能夠支持當地孩童與家庭的學校。

The just-opened Coffee for the Future Cafe is a study in bright, optimistic, and modern design and themed around the idea of coffee building a brighter future for origin communities. The main feature of the space is a beautiful wrap-around coffee bar, built out of wood reclaimed from Salvadoran coffee farms. A large stand-up bar, built in the shape of one of their schools, frames a retail display of their coffee bean and drip bag offerings. Nearby a television shows off footage of the schools they've recently completed, giving customers a true sense of the impact they're helping to create. The Coffee for the Future initiative has built five schools over the past year and they predict this cafe will build 3-4 more per year.

明亮、充滿希望及具有現代感的設計,每一個環節都圍繞在咖啡如何為原產地社區堆砌美好未來的概念,這是Coffee for the Future全新開幕咖啡廳帶給人們的感覺。一進咖啡廳主要空間為環繞式的暖木開放工作吧台,桌面木材更是不簡單的來自於薩爾瓦多當地咖啡農場;咖啡廳中間的屋型木框站立吧台,完全以IMPCT學校外型設計呈現,與後方的商品陳列相互呼應,如何由一盒盒的咖啡磚塊將學校一間間蓋起。牆上正播放著更是他們在各地蓋學校的點滴及最新進度,給予顧客更深刻的體會到自己其實可以做得很多。用堆砌未來的咖啡計畫在過去一年當中,他們已經蓋起五間學校。也預計經由咖啡廳的營運,能夠在接下來每一年中蓋起三到四間學校。

The cafe specializes in directly traded pour-over coffees, hot or iced, with a few inventive additions for those who want something other than black coffee. This setup is made possible through the use of Taiwan's first Modbar pour-over system. Made in the USA, this system automates much of the usually fickle hand drip pour-over process, controlling time, temperature, and flow. The result? A beautifully and consistently crafted cup of coffee time after time.

 這間咖啡廳不僅專注在使用直接貿易的咖啡豆做手沖咖啡之外,更有特色創意特調飲品,給予想要嘗試除了單品黑咖啡以外的選擇。更具特色的全臺灣第一台由美國設計與製造的Modbar 手沖系統,這一套系統可以將手沖過程一致,準確控制沖煮時間、溫度以及水流。這杯咖啡好喝嗎?經由這手沖師將系統設定,調整,確保每一杯都是完美比例,這樣的濃郁風味令人回味。

Through a combination of this unique brewing system and a relatively compact and mostly to-go concept, the Coffee for the Future Cafe is able to keep prices surprisingly low. Prices start at 90NT for hot pour-overs (100NT for iced), nearly half of what we've seen at competing cafes with direct-trade offerings. This is amazing value coffee with a truly noble cause, well worth visiting if you're in the Zhongxiao Dunhua area.

透過獨特的沖煮技術、相對精簡與外帶的概念,Coffee for the Future提供的價目更讓人驚訝,只要新台幣90元(冰咖啡則為新台幣100元),就能品嚐一杯好喝的咖啡,近乎是咖啡業者的一半售價。這一杯不同價值的咖啡,香醇濃郁之外更能夠將我們的影響力傳到世界各地。有機會到台北東區(忠孝敦化),非常推薦你來喝一杯堆砌未來的咖啡!

Address  地址

No. 153-5, Yanji Street, Da'an District, Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Open Monday to Saturday  from 9:00 to 18:00   星期一至星期六 早上9點至晚間6點

If you want to know more about IMPCT check their website!



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August 28 2017


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