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Taipei Guide 2018

With an estimated population of two million and located in the northern zone of the Island, Taipei is the formed capital of Taiwan, a city with a unique magic, full of culture, amazing food to explore and a recent increase of design and youth vibes with bars, concerts, art galleries and fashion shops.
Chinese Mandarin is the main language you will find although is totally fine to survive with a basic English, people are very friendly and specially helpful with foreigners. Taipei has been declared as the second most safe country in the world and has a humid subtropical climate. Be aware that typhoons and earthquakes are every-year regulars and night markets one of the locals favorite places to visit and enjoy Taiwanese food.

Here are some of the most popular spots to visit when coming to Taipei.

Taipei 101 台北101
CKS Memorial 中正紀念堂
Ximending 西門町
Zhongxiao Dunhua 忠孝敦化
Yongkang St. 永康街
Martyr’s Shrine 忠烈祠
Elephant Mountain 象山
Sun Yat-sen Memorial 國父紀念館
Huashan Creative Park 華山文化創意產業園區
Songshan Creative Park 松山文創園區
Daan Park 大安森林公園
Tamsui Old Street 淡水老街
Fort San Domingo 紅毛城
Dahu Park 大湖公園
Beitou Hotsprings 北投温泉


If you decide to go for a food adventure in one of the nightmarkets around the city, you will quickly realise that maybe one or two days are not enough to try all the special dishes Taiwan can make for you, also sometimes can be difficult to spot what are the local taiwanese foods and what foods comes from other countries.
So we have decided make a list with the 20 local foods you should try when coming to Taiwan.



You will find all the Taiwanese food and much more in the night markets, one of the locals favourite places to go.

Shilin 士林夜市
Shida 師大夜市
Tonghua 通化夜市
Raohe 饒河夜市
Huaxi St. 華西街夜市
Ningxia 寧夏夜市
Liaoning St. 遼寧街夜市
Shuang Cheng St. 雙城街夜市

MUSEUMS 博物館、美術館

The museum offer in Taipei is just amazing, from very traditional painting to modern contemporary art.

National Palace 國立故宮博物館
National Taiwan 國立台灣博物館
Taipei Fine Arts 台北市立美術館
MOCA 台北當代藝術館
MONTUE 北師美術館
Astronomical Museum 天文科學教育館


You can not miss this part of the asian culture!

Confucius 臺北孔子廟
Ciyou 松山慈祐宮
Baoan 臺北保安宮
Qingshan 艋舺青山宮
Xingtian 行天宮
Tsu Sheng 慈聖宮
Mengjia Longshan 艋舺龍山寺


As you might already know we organise a monthly party called Hidden Floor that takes place in different clubs and spaces in Taipei Taiwan. We usually bring local and international djs focused in underground House, Techno and electronic music and we try to make every party different and special.

Check the  Hidden Floor Facebook to know when and where is the next one 

Some of the popular underground clubs in Taipei are:

23 Music Room
Another Brick

If you are looking for more comercial and big nightclubs you might try:

Ce La Vi

  Don´t forget to bring your passport, it is required to entry in all the nightlclubs with no exception.


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