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New York Apartment   (Closed-已歇業)

Burger Bar / Seoul South Korea
漢堡酒吧 / 韓國首爾

Walking on the streets of Hapjeong in Seoul, South Korea we found this particularly American style burger restaurant with an aggressive and original branding.

New York Apartment is located in one of the busiest roads of Seoul, just in front of Gentle Monster, and is distributed between a second and third floor, both with balconies to eat outside. The naming makes a perfect match with the building in where the restaurant is placed and the fire on the logo will be just the first tip of what you will find on the menu.

走在韓國首爾的合井街道上,突然發現這間帶有侵略性風格、特別的美式漢堡餐廳。New York Apartment位於首爾最繁忙的街道上,就在有名的Gentle Monster對面,從二樓的店面開始到三樓(共兩層樓),皆有陽台還有座位。

New York Apartment這個名字非常符合餐廳的位置,真的像公寓一樣並且有著火焰的logo也很有美式風格的味道。

We tried the Hawaiian Jack Sauce Burger (beef patty, romaine, rucula, baked pineapple, fried onion ring, pickles, tartar sauce and the final touch, Jack Daniel’s Sauce) .

All the interiors are decorated with fancy illustrations and American typographies.
And we saw on the menu they recently launched a new dish on the menu. Oreo Fries (YES, french fries with oreos on top).


If you want to know more about NY Apartment check their Instagram!

想了解更多,請到NY Apartment的Instagram看看吧!


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20 July 2017


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