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Dopeness Art Lab

Art Gallery / Taipei
藝術展覽館 / 台北

This week we discovered a new art gallery in Taipei that is promising to bring some of the biggest names in the international urban and contemporary art to display their work.
Dopeness Art Lab, located in a little alley in Daan district, debuts with a solo exhibition of John Paul Fauves, a Costa Rican visual artist that mix different artist techniques and elements in a color-rich interesting art pieces, including huge canvas paintings and a series of eccentric sculptures mixing famous cartoon characters.

這週我們在台北大安區發現一間新的藝術展覽空間,內有哥斯大黎加視覺藝術家John Paul Fauves的個展,他將不同藝術家的技巧和元素融合到色彩豐富的作品中,包含巨大帆布畫和一系列混合知名卡通人物的奇特雕塑。

"DOPENESS ART LAB" is an international art project established by Taiwan's contemporary trend artist KEA TSAI (KXX) in 2018 aims to promote and develop the experimental artistic environment for contemporary Urban & Street art in Taipei. The team members have a diversify expertise and years of experiences in the field of art and international exhibitions. As an "unconventional" experimental art shelter, "DOPENESS ART LAB" not only seek a deep understanding of the street cultural symbols and the developmental history of the contemporary art; but also devotes great efforts in promoting the top world-class contemporary artists; with emphasis on the visual explosion and deep thinking in the contemporary urban, street, and pop art. We also strive to execute and develop creative and flexible strategies for exhibition to illustrate the resilience and cross-disciplinary adaptiveness of art. By doing so, we will paint a future-oriented aesthetic landscape that belongs exclusively to the Millennials.

「DOPENESS ART LAB」是由台灣當代潮流藝術家KEA TSAI(KXX)於2018年所成立的國際藝術計劃,也是位於台北極具潛力專注發展街頭潮流藝術的當代藝術之全新實驗空間,團隊具備完整的專業分工與過往投入藝術領域和國際展覽的多年的經驗。
而身為一個「非典型」藝術實驗空間,DOPENESS ART LAB不但深入了解街頭潮流文化符碼與當代藝術之脈絡,更將傾力推廣全球頂尖的當代藝術家,聚焦在兼具視覺張力與深度思維的街頭藝術、潮流藝術和普普藝術領域,同時延伸出創意靈活的展覽執行策略,並展現藝術強大的跨界多元合作韌性,建構專屬於千禧世代的未來美學樣貌。

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Tuesday to Sunday    13:00 - 19:00     
星期二至星期日           13:00 - 19:00

Monday   Closed            


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