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Indie Drinkster X Nonzero非零

Pop-Up Shop / Daan, Taipei
選物店 / 台北大安

New drinks on the block. Last week Indie Drinkster finally opened their first pop-up in Taipei at Nonzero非零. The pop-up takes place from March 24 to June 30, 2018.

Indie Drinkster imports independent drinks, mainly from Berlin and Vienna, to Taiwan.

Some of the cool, design-oriented brands you can find in the store are Our/Berlin (Global vodka made by local partners in cities around the world), Broy (Hipster Beer from Munich), Gut Oggau (Biodynamic wines from Austria), Berliner Sommer (Vodka with apple juice from Berlin), All I Need (Organic green tea and white tea from Vienna) or Schnick Schmack (Premium grape juice from the vineyards).

“New drinks on the block”最近有新的飲品要跟大家見面,上週Indie Drinkster在台北Nonzero非零終於開了第一間快閃店,快閃店營運期間從今年3月24日到6月30日止。

Indie Drinkster進口到台灣的獨立飲品主要來自柏林和維也納。

在快閃店中可以看到一些很酷、充滿設計感品牌的飲品,像是Our/Berlin柏林伏特加(使用世界各地、當地材料製成的Global vodka)、Broy男孩啤酒(來自幕尼黑非主流的經典啤酒)、Gut Oggau奧高酒莊(來自奧地利Biodynamic-生物動力自然農法的各式酒類)、Berliner Sommer柏林人夏天水果酒(來自柏林的伏特加搭配蘋果汁)、All I Need(來自維也納的有機綠茶和白茶)以及Schnick Schmack思尼氣泡飲(來自葡萄園的優質葡萄氣泡飲)。

Philip, a Taiwanese who grew up in Vienna, launched Indie Drinkster’s online-shop two years ago. True to the motto “Let us carry the heavy stuff for you“ Indie Drinkster delivers the sophisticated drinks to your home.

At the beginning Philip fully focussed on all-natural non-alcohol drinks such as lemonades, juices or teas trying to build up a dynamic, young and urban community that drinks healthier beverages and is into healthy lifestyle. Today he exclusively imports more than 20 brands, all with different, exciting flavors such as lavender, pine needle or cucumber.

Philip是在維也納成長的台灣人,兩年前成立Indie Drinkster網路商店,”Let us carry the heavy stuff for you“秉持著"重物由我們為您承載"的服務精神;Indie Drinkster會將這些精緻的飲品運送到府。

The Cold Brew coffee from J. Hornig with its simple design caught our attention first. They use Arabica beans from the world’s best growing regions. It’s a mild coffee with sweet aromas and a natural sweet taste.


During the opening event we had the chance to talk with Philip. He told us that the pop-up store at Nonzero is Indie Drinkster’s first physical store that covers all their brands. „Many customers asked us before if we have a store where they can stop by, try and buy a few bottles. We always had to say no.“

藉由開幕活動這個機會和Philip聊聊天,他告訴我們:"Indie Drinkster快閃店在Nonzero是第一家實體店,包含了所有的品牌,許多顧客之前問過我們是否有實體店可以讓他們直接選購並試喝,我們總是不得不回答-沒有。

Besides focusing on non-alcohol drinks, Indie Drinkster’s goal is to attract customers to mix cocktails by themself. Choose a craft spirit and a (non-alocohol) filler and bring it home.
除了專注於無酒精飲料,Indie Drinkster的目標是吸引顧客自己混搭調酒,讓他們選一瓶酒和無酒精的飲料帶回家自己動手做。

In Europe it became trendy among young people to bring drinks to your friend’s place and have a cozy gathering. Philip wants to show a new, easier way of drinking in a more private and cozy atmosphere.

Never the less, normal is boring, so don’t show up at your friend’s place with boring drinks.

Indie Drinkster also offers some adventurous theme boxes (at least according to their given names such as Tipsy Mama Mule, Dandy Wildman or Birds from Moscow) for those, who can’t decide which bottle(s) they should choose.

現在歐洲年輕人很流行自己帶一些喝的到朋友家裡,大家很愜意的聚在一起,Philip想在更私人和舒適的氛圍中展現一種享用飲料和酒較新的、更簡單的方式。 不過太正常是很無趣的,千萬不要帶著很無趣乏味的飲料出現在朋友家裡。

Indie Drinkster也有一些禮盒(根據名字像是Tipsy Mama Mule微醺瑪瑪、Dandy Wildman狂野型男和Birds from Moscow自由莫斯科)提供給那些無法抉擇應該要買哪些飲料的人。

Actually we had to ask what Dandy Wildman means. It’s a synonym for a male Hipster, usually a bearded man with a man-bun. Guess this theme box is the selection strictly for guys. Well done, we feel attracted 

實際上,我們不得不了解一下Dandy Wildman(狂野型男)的意思,經詢問後了解這是時髦男性的代名詞,通常是有著鬍子和長髮的男性,我們猜想這樣的禮盒應該就是為男性所設計的,真是一個不錯的選擇,非常吸引人!

Nonzero非零 carries Monocle books and magazines in the store. If you are interested in design, traveling, architecture, business or interior design, you can grab a drink from the fridge, find a sofa and escape from the hectic life for a moment while reading some interesting articles.


“Different Cities. Different Vodkas. Same Family.“

Mural Artist Blues Tunnel stopped by to make an artwork for Our/Vodka, one of Indie Drinkster’s main brands. The picture shows the connection between different cities, in this case Taipei and Berlin. We especially like the infusions, it’s fun to infuse your vodka by yourself with different flavors such as Juniper, Citrus or Oak and when your Vodka suddenly tastes like Gin or Whiskey.

“Different Cities. Different Vodkas. Same Family.” Our/Vodka有不同城市的外觀設計,不同口味,但都是Our/Vodka系列。
壁畫藝術家Blues Tunnel在開幕活動當天畫了一些關於 Our/Vodka柏林伏特加的圖畫,這是 Indie Drinkster主要產品之一,圖畫呈現了不同城市之間的連結,比如台北和柏林,我們特別喜歡一些像是杜松、柑橘或橡木等不同口味加到伏特加裡作搭配,味道喝起來像是琴酒或威士忌。

Nonzero非零 carries quite a lot of brands such as Monocle, Perigot or [ comfort zone ].
We fell in love with „Erda Living“ homewares, inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics, created by talented Taiwanese designer Erika Yeh.

Nonzero非零有很多品牌像是Monocle、Perigot或comfort zone。
我們非常喜歡由台灣設計師Erika Yeh 設計的Scandinavian斯堪地那維亞風格的„Erda Living“家居用品。

The pop-up takes place from March 24 to June 30, 2018. Don’t miss it.



Address  地址

No. 5, Section 4, Lane 27, Alley 4, Ren-ai Road, Daan District, Taipei

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday – Friday       11:00 – 19:30      週一到週五 上午11點到晚上7點半

Saturday – Sunday    11:00 – 20:00     週六&週日 上午11點到晚上8點

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9 April 2018


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