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Yellow Lemon

Dessert Bar / Zhongshan, Taipei
甜點店&酒吧 / 台北中山

It is proven that chocolate has a lot of properties and host different benefits for the ones eating it with moderation and when it comes to well elaborate desserts we think they are definitely an amazing way to change your mood.
Located around Zhongshan near the quiet area of Neihu, we found Yellow Lemon, a dessert and bar shop in where art meets confectionery with a touch of high cuisine, chocolate tradition and modern presentations.


說到甜點就不得不介紹這家位於中山、也很靠近內湖的”Yellow Lemon”,這是一間甜點店也是酒吧,用藝術的角度製作出高級甜點以及運用傳統的巧克力原料創作出新穎的甜點。

We had the pleasure to meet in person the chef and owner behind Yellow Lemon, Andrea Bonaffini, born in Sicily, Italy, Andrea started to get attracted to art as a teeneager through graffiti and later on decided to express all this creativity into cooking working for important restaurants in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Japan.

After the success of his career in Asia working for top restaurants (Some of them with Michelin stars), Andrea decided to land in Taipei to open his own dessert shop taking confectionery to the next level.

很榮幸可以見當主廚也是業者本人,Andrea Bonaffini出生於義大利西西里,Andrea從青少年時期開始對塗鴉藝術感到有興趣,之後決定將這些創意發揮到料理上,並曾在香港、上海和日本一些知名的餐廳工作。

These bronze robots are one of the Andrea Bonaffini signature chocolates.

這個銅色的機器人是Andrea Bonaffini的招牌巧克力之一。

To our surprise the menu at Yellow Lemon is not exclusively for desserts, they also have a nice variety of brunch dishes and main meals that look amazing and taste even better.

看過Yellow Lemon的菜單後,令我們比較訝異的是原來他們不只供應甜點,也有一些早午餐和主食,看起來非常的美味可口。

We started the experience with a chocolate frozen bite with caramel. They inject air into the chocolate to create a crunchy soft texture that will quickly melt inside your mouth.



Later we delight their deconstructed Tiramisu and we had the opportunity to see all the different ingredients through the final composition of this incredible dessert, something we really recommend to try.

The Tiramisu has a base of cappuccino pudding, tiny balls of coffee caviar and air lady finger crispy cookies.

Then the expresso coffee granita is added on top.


And it is finished with a cover of mascarpone foam and a splash of cacao dust. It is incredible to mix all the ingredients in your mouth and discover the real Tiramisu flavor. Ten out of ten guys!


During our visit we had the opportunity to go behind the scenes inside the Yellow Lemon kitchen where Andrea and his team put all the effort in creating new desserts. One of the most popular cakes they do is the “Sexy Lady” Red Cake made with infuse rose whip ganache, lychee mousse, raspberry gel, vanilla sponge, rose caramel and an outside coating in red chocolate.

透過這次的採訪有機會到廚房看主廚Andrea以及他的團隊如何製作甜點,其中一項很受歡迎的甜點是叫“Sexy Lady”的紅色蛋糕,由玫瑰甘納許、荔枝慕斯、覆盆梅子醬、香草海綿蛋糕、玫瑰焦糖以及用紅色巧克力覆蓋著蛋糕製作而成。

Once the cake is ready they add a final touch with edible baby rose petals, dry freeze raspberries and rose tea powder.


Everything inside Yellow Lemon has been designed carefully including the packaging for the take-away boxes, the interior designs and the decoration.
Yellow lemon所有東西都經過精心設計,包括外帶包裝、室內設計和裝飾等。

Another of the famous experience to share at Yellow Lemon is their picnic selection. In there you will find a combination of sweet and salty products including crab macarons, strawberry yogurt mousse (3D Strawberry), mini ham and cheese sandwich,truffle onion jam, mango coconut pudding (served in coffee cups), mini pretzel, lemon coffee cookies, strawberry jam white chocolate ganache flower, matcha sesame biscuits and more!

另一個Yellow Lemon非常有名必須跟大家分享的是野餐的部分,這一區你會看到鹹甜的組合,有蟹肉馬卡龍、草莓優格慕斯(3D)、迷你火腿和起司三明治、松露洋蔥醬、裝在咖啡杯裡的芒果椰果布丁、迷你椒鹽脆餅、檸檬咖啡餅乾、草莓醬白巧克力甘納許、抹茶芝麻餅乾等等!

They do handmade Kavalan whiskey gums!


Chocolate eclair with strawberries, cream and edible flowers


Chocolate caviar with salty caramel.


Handmade Strawberry and mango jelly gummy bears 


Black pepper shell macarons with crab, lemon mayonnaise and ikura eggs.



Address  地址

No. 561, MingshuiRoad, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday to Friday                  11:00 to 20:00     星期一到星期五 11:00 ~ 20:00

Saturday and Sunday           09:00 to 20:00     星期六&星期日  09:00 ~ 20:00

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31 May 2018


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