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Bram Vanhaeren

Illustration & Graphic Design / Antwerpen, Belgium
插畫家 / 安特衛普,比利時


This week in a regular surfing session around the internet we discovered a series of digital artworks that clearly stand out of the crowd with vibrant color tones, sharp edges and a work of composition worth to be mention and share in detail.

This project called “Mitikal” explores the mystical stories collected from past times in Greek with mythology scenes, warriors, heroes that conquered big cities, Greek gods and other myth iconography that in a completely new approach merge in perfection the past with the present.

The mind behind this modern interpretation of antique pottery drawings is Bram Vanhaeren, an art director and graphic designer selected in 2014 as one of the most creative under 25 globally by Adobe. Bram has previously worked in projects for ESPN, RollingStone, BBC, Nike, Estrella Damn, Adobe & many more.

Nowadays he combines his position during the day as Art director & Design lead for Belfius Bank, to improve the online banking experience of over a million users, with new paintings and exciting sport illustrations during the night.


其作品靈感來自於一種陶瓷花瓶上的古時圖像,Bram Vanhaeren是2014年入選Adobe全球最具有創意且年齡不到25歲的藝術總監和平面設計師之一,Bram之前有和ESPN、滾石、BBC、Nike、Estrella Damn、Adobe等等之多的品牌專案合作。

現在他作為Belfius Bank銀行和保險公司的藝術和設計總監,幫助改善超過百萬使用者的網路銀行,讓使用上越來越好並繪製新圖,晚上自己的時間就會自己創作。







Discover more about Bram Vanhaeren in his website!

想了解更多,請到Bram Vanhaeren的網站看看吧!


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and Bram Vanhaeren and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.

本文中的所有圖片和文字版權由River和Bram Vanhaeren所有。

10 May 2018


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