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TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi  (Finished - 已結束)

Restaurant / Taipei 101
餐廳 /台北101

There is a place in Taipei where you can explore food in a more creative, playful and modern way, a place that every season brings a different top international chef to elaborate a signature menu and transform the experience inside. This place is called TABLE and we couldn’t resist trying their current menu by Japanese chef Yoji Tokuyoshi.
Here we will show you some of the highlights on their menu and the secrets behind this stunning dishes.

Yoji Tokuyoshi moved in 2004 to Milan, Italy to follow his dream of learning the traditional Italian cuisine. After applying to work in many recognized restaurants and been rejected in all of them, Yoji got an opportunity to work in Osteria Francescana in Modena, which in 2016 won the top place in the World’s 50 Best Restaurant rankings.

After that period Yoji decided to move a bit further opening his own restaurant and later becoming the first Japanese chef to win a Michelin star in Italy.
His career is marked by an styled called cucina contaminata which refers to an Italian cooking done in the Italian way but expressed by someone who is not from Italy.

A good example of that is the rice base Margherita pizza he prepares, with few basic ingredients but surprisingly conserving the original strong flavor of a classic Margherita. It comes together with a tomato pairing drink and presented in a delivery pizza box to each person.

台北餐廳TABLE除了創新還帶點摩登時尚的高級感,每一季由不同的頂級廚師精心打造菜單,或許過一段時間再造訪,又是另一個主廚和菜單,你將會體驗到不同的佳餚饗宴,而目前TABLE是由日本廚師Yoji Tokuyoshi德吉洋二為主打,躍躍欲試的我們不得不來探個究竟!

Yoji Tokuyoshi德吉洋二為了學習道地的義大利料理在2004年搬到米蘭,應徵一些知名的餐廳並且都沒有被錄取之後,Yoji卻得到了在Osteria Francescana工作的機會,這間餐廳位於摩德納以及在2016年獲得全世界排名50名最佳餐廳中的第一名。

經過那段時期,德吉洋二訂定了更遠的目標,決定之後在義大利開一間自己的餐廳並且成為第一位得到米其林等級的日本廚師。他將自己的料理稱為cucina contaminata,意思是被汙染的義大利料理,以義式的技巧和調味,但出自於一位非義大利人之手。

他用米飯做為基礎的瑪格莉特披薩就是一個很好的例子,只有幾個基本的材料,但令人驚豔地依然保留了經典的瑪格麗特原本強烈的味道, 搭配番茄綠橄欖汁,且每位客人都有自己的披薩盒。

In the starters we tried the Daikon Roll made with daikon, very thing slices of yellow and green courgette, octopus, basil and lemon oil vinegar.


Also in the starters We found an original bite called Fish and Chips that was a piece of raw salmon on top of a fish shape fried potato. It is presented standing on a rock and was nice to mix the ingredients in your mouth at once.


This salad is made with 15 varieties of Taiwanese vegetables and comes with a white wine vinegar foam topping and edible flowers.


A taco called Pig lost in the forest arrived in a complete green scheme of colors with fried seasonal vegetables, spinach, kale and pig in a green tortilla.


The Merluzzo Nero e Daikon Taiwanese, had slow cooked Haddock, steamed Matsu Mussels and puréed daikon with italian tomato sauce and parsley.


Polenta Babycorn with crab meat.


Lamb chops in hollandaise sauce topped with pistachio and mint.


The Sakura Ebi Spaghetti stood out by its simplicity and the condensed flavor. Have you ever try pink spaghetti? One of our favorites!


We received an iced cassata lollipop with two dips, melted white chocolate and chocolate cookie mini pieces.


And the finale was the Mont Blanc Meringue dessert with pumpkin fill that represents a white Japanese ceramic. After breaking it the syrup will cover and repair the cracks.


TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi menu will be available for a limited time until the end of April 2018. 
TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi由主廚德吉洋二來台快閃的期間限定菜單只到2018年四月底唷!

Photography courtesy of TABLE

Address  地址

No. 45, 4F, City Hall Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday to Sunday  from 12:00 to 15:00  and from 18:00 to 22:00   

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All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and TABLE and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.


12 February 2018


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