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Damee Wu        

Illustration & Graphic Design / Taipei Taiwan
插畫家&平面設計 / 台灣台北

Meet Damee Wu, a young 23 years old Taiwanese illustrator based in Taipei.

Fresh out of the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology after graduating in Visual communication Design, Damee Wu is one of the promises of Taiwan new illustrators with a rich portfolio of vibrant and colorful  sketch style illustrations.

We talk to her in order to find more about her career, the design situation in Taipei and what is the international projection for future Taiwan talents.

我們將介紹一位非常年輕,年僅23歲來自台灣台北的插畫家Damee Wu。

R. Hello and nice to meet you Damee, your work is outstanding.
When did you start drawing and how you decide to become a professional illustrator?

D. I have always been interested in images as reading long articles was sometimes difficult to understand and the pictures helped me. I have always been  good at memorising images so that is why I was interested in making illustrations.

During senior high school I had the chance to try  a digital drawing tablet and I love it, then in college I learned graphic design so I started some flat vectors design styles where I idealized the real picture into my own design view creation.

R. 您好,很高興認識您,您的作品很出色。 您從什麼時候開始畫畫,以及如何決定成為專業插畫師?

D. 謝謝你的讚美。我從小對於長篇大論的文字有解讀困難但對圖像特別有興趣,例如偉人傳記只要搭配圖像便能好好咀嚼,擅長圖像記憶法,所以也立志未來要走上圖像創作者的路。

R.  What are your inspirations? Any favourite illustrators from all times?

D.  My inspirations generally come from movies, internet and traveling also most of the time people around me bring me the most valuable and useful ideas.

I like to learn from other illustrators that are really focus and work hard in their own creations, also their attitude in daily life and experiences. One of my favourites is Chinese illustrator OAMUL, his creations are not only very warm but also inspirational.

R. 您的靈感來自於什麼? 有任何喜愛的插畫家嗎?

D. 電影、網路上、旅行,還有主要是身邊的人帶給我的各種靈感。我喜歡從插畫家的作品或日常去汲取他們的生

R. How is the process you follow to complete your drawings?

D. To start I usually  mark down some key elements and ideas of what I am  planning to draw for a project.

Then I will work in the key elements so all the drawings in the project follow the same pattern.
I think developing a good idea and the concept behind it is the difficult and long part, the execution and finishing usually is faster.

R. 您以什麼樣的方式處理來完成繪畫?您遵循的過程如何完成圖紙? 


R. What do you think about the design situation in Taipei?

I think the design scene in Taiwan has increased a lot, specially in the capital where a lot of exhibitions are hosted now so the vibe is quite intensive. I usually go to the “not just the library” in Songshan Creative Park where I can find a lot of design related books.

Right now a lot of people is introducing more design in our society so little by little the people is becoming more sensitive about design, Neil Tien, Agua Design and Simple Info are some of the actual wave.

R. 您對於在台北設計的環境有什麼看法?

D. 我沒有真正踏入設計圈業界,但我覺得台灣的整體設計能力一直都在提升中。台北的設計資源真的蠻豐富的,

R. What would you recommend to people who are studying now design or illustration and wants to make a life out of this?

D. Living from this  in Taiwan is not easy, especially at the beginning where having a stable income  becomes challenging, it is tough to go through this period and you have to work really hard to get there.
I believe the things you go through are not in vain and one day you will use it.

R. 對於現在在台灣學習如何設計或繪畫插圖並想要為此而生謀生的人,您有什麼想建議的嗎?


Find more about Damee Wu works
查看更多關於 Damee Wu 的作品


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and Damee Wu and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.

本文中的所有圖片和文字版權由River和Damee Wu所有。

21 June 2017


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