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Fashion Brand/  Taipei Taiwan
服裝時尚品牌 / 台灣台北

In the morning of a shiny day in Taipei, we meet with Tsuan Hseng Hong 25, a young Taiwanese fashion designer opening the way of luxury streetwear in the city with his brand Resightism.

Inspired to create timeless garments that don't follow the regular fashion seasons and to merge the high-end products with streetwear fashion Resightism was born in September 2015 to offer new options to the men's fashion scene in Taipei.



All the pieces are carefully handmade in very limited quantity, to focus on the perfection of the details and finishes. Jackets in plain tones, pants with straps and side pockets, graphic printed t-shirts and accessories including caps and shoulder bags are just some of the products we can find at their brand.


Photoshoot by 攝影 Lin Chen @zoeeeelin
Model 模特兒 Dan

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21 June 2017


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