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Creative Studio / Taipei
間創意工作室 / 台北

R. What is HOUTH? Where does the name come from?

H. HOUTH is a creative studio that integrates strategy, design, resources and creativity to create fresh brand solutions for clients.
The two H’s in ‘HOUTH’ represents the two co-founders, while ‘out’ represents their desire to transcend established systems or frameworks.

R. 請問什麼是HOUTH?這 個名字從何而來?

H. HOUTH是一間創意 工作室,整合創意、策 略、設計和資源,為客 戶訂製出新的品牌解決方 案;HOUTH其中有兩個英 文字母”H”,代表兩位共 同創辦人,而”out”代表 他們想要超越現有既定的 系統或框架。

R. What projects you have been working on recently?

H. We have been busy recently doing some branding projects for clients. Hope you guys can see our new projects soon.

R. 最近在做什麼樣的項目?

H. 最近我們正在進行一些客戶的品牌案,希望很快 地你們可以看到我們的新 項目。

R. Where do your inspirations come from? Do you have any favorite designers or artists?

H. We love to travel around the world and stay there to explore the local life. Our inspirations always come from real life experiences. We also like the work of Wolfgang Tillmans and Hieronymus Bosch.

R. 您的靈感來自於哪裡?請 問您有最喜歡的設計師或 藝術家嗎?

H. 我們很喜歡到各處旅 遊,去探索、體驗當地生 活,我們的靈感都是來自 於生活中的經驗;目前最 喜歡的攝影師與藝術家分 別是Wolfgang Tillmans 和 Hieronymus Bosch。

R. What do you think about the graphic design scene in Taipei compare to other Asian big cities like Tokyo or Seoul?

H. Here in Taipei is a more relax philosophy of life, this help us to get flexible, adapt better and create affinity and vitality with the clients and other designers.
If the overall design thinking and actionwould be more bold with a more positive and adventurous spirit we will have the opportunity to take the design culture in Taipei to the next level.

R. 與其它亞洲大都市如東 京或首爾相比,您對於平 面設計這一塊在台北的發 展有什麼看法?

H. 跟其他亞洲城市相比, 台北有著較輕鬆的生活哲 學,因此擁有靈活的適應 性、親和的活力、友善的 自由度。若整體設計思維 與行動,能有更大膽、積 極的冒險精神,將有機會 讓台北設計文化邁向下一 個階段。

R. How do you see Taiwan in terms of design compare to other countries?

H. People start to aware here the importance of design and what it can do for their business.
We think it would be perfect if the clients would respect more the professionals as they do in other countries.

R. 台灣在設計方面與其他 國家相比,您有什麼看 法?

H. 人們開始意識到設計的 重要性,以及設計可以為 他們的事業帶來什麼。 如 果客戶像其他國家的人一 樣,能更懂得尊重專業, 我們認為這將會是完美 的。

R. Is it difficult to find good clients in Taiwan?

H. Good customers, for us account for a large proportion, we believe that the beauty of the design can be educated, can communicate, mutual trust, is the more important part.

R. 在台灣會很難找到好的 客戶嗎?

H. 我們大部分的客戶都是 很好的,我們認為設計的 美感是可以教育的,能不 能溝通、互相信任,才是 更重要的部分。

R. What would you recommend to the new students graduating this year in graphic design and looking for a future work position in Taipei?

H. We would recommend them to be honest, polite and humble, also we think that skills are very important but at the end the attitude is the one that will make the difference.

R. 您對於今年剛從平面設 計系畢業並正在找工作的 新鮮人有什麼建議呢?

H. 我們建議做人要誠實、 有禮貌和謙虛,雖然能力 是最重要的,但態度會決 定一切!

If you want to know more about HOUTH check their website!



All the pictures and words in this article belongs to HOUTH and has copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact them first.


22 November 2017


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