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Fashion Brand / Taipei
服裝時尚品牌 / 台北

Taipei fashion scene is gaining more notoriety little by little in the last years and Tran is one of the very few labels, proving collection after collection that there are a great talent and dedication in the Taiwanese fashion design.

Tran studio was founded in 2013 and since the very beginning they had a clear vision to reduce to the minimum all the extra elements of their garments, keeping a clean avant-garde style every season and focusing in the quality of the fabrics and the finishing of the clothes.

The simplicity of the patterns, the clean cuts, the use of plain colors and the strong determination to the details are some of the highlights that make Tran one of our favorite brands right now in the town.




Designer 123 & ellenlinbeer
Model Justin Chang and Aly Kochetkov

Check the entire collection  at


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22 January 2018


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