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Build Upon Yesterday   (Finished - 已結束)
Solo Exhibition by Miyahara Nonomi

G. Gallery / Zhongshan Taipei
居藝廊 / 台北中山區

Japanese artist Miyahari Nonomi is currently holding a solo exhibition at G. Gallery in Zhongshan, Taipei until the 26th of November!

Under the name of “Build Upon Yesterday” Miyahari Nonomi recreates iconic japanese buildings, in a very small scale, standing on top of ceramic grenades from the Second World War. A very impressive work with a really good eye for small details and a strong concept of past and present behind.

位於台北市中山區的居藝廊近日邀請日本東京雕塑家宮原野乃実Miyahara Nonomi舉辦展覽,展期到11/26止。

Address  地址

B1 , No.3, Aly. 3, Ln. 227, Nong’an St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Wednesday to Sunday from 13:00 to 20:00      星期三至星期天下午一點半至晚間八點

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6 November 2017


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