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Shop / Zhongshan, Taipei
商店 / 台北中山

Walking through the little alleys of Zhongshan, Taipei is a nice way to discover new places to eat and interesting boutiques with original designs made by local artists. 0416X1024 took all our attention when passing across with their cool characters and the vibrant colors of their products.

Created by two Taiwanese illustrators 0416X1024 (which are their birthdays) is a brand that expresses emotions through a humorous and unpretentious hand-drawn style that , as they say, “It is not high-profile or trendy, but can still quietly find its way into your heart”.



The concept of Home and Love is present in all the shop, including the dog-house sculpture that will receive you at the entry!


Inside you can find clothes, accessories and practical household items designed with their unique style.


Address  地址

No. 18, Sec 2, lane 20,  Zhongshan North Road ,Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday to Sunday from 13:00 to 22:00      星期一至星期天下午1點到晚上10點

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26 January 2018


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