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Muralist Artist / Spain
壁畫藝術家 / 西班牙

Muro is a Spanish word used for “wall” and never was a more accurate name for a muralist and illustrator who spend most of his time painting walls with an immaculate style, sometimes covering whole buildings facades.

Iker Muro started as every kid drawing in his notebook during class but soon moved to different disciplines including graffiti, graphic design, acrylic painting, prints, and many more. Today he has a notorious international presence with artworks displayed in buildings around London Romania, Los Angeles, Miami and Vancouver to name a few.
This year is his first time in Taiwan so we meet with him to know more about his work.

Muro在西班牙文是牆的意思,也作為人名使 用,對壁畫家來說,絕對沒有比這更加貼切的 名字了!Muro大部分時間都花在創作牆壁,以 完美無瑕的風格和顏色組合創作,有時作品足 以覆蓋整個建築牆面。

Iker Muro 小時候就開始畫畫,在課堂上畫在筆 記本裡或直接畫在桌子上,但隨後開始不同的 領域包括:塗鴉、平面設計、木炭畫、壓克力 畫、印刷、排版或服裝設計等等。 如今他在國際上有相當的名氣和影響力,並在 西班牙、倫敦、羅馬尼亞、洛杉磯、紐約、 邁阿密、華盛頓和溫哥華等地方展示藝術作 品,今年是Muro第一次來台灣,我們邀請到了 Muro和我們進行訪談,更進一步了解他的工 作。

R. Hey Muro! Welcome to Taipei! It’s your first time in Taiwan right?

M. Yes! It is my first time in Taipei, I have been in Asia before but never in Taiwan and I am really impress with the potential of this city, the people and the vibe here.

R. 嘿 Muro! 歡迎來到台北! 這是您第一次來台灣對吧?

M. 是的,這是第一次, 我之前有去過一些亞洲國 家,但從沒來過台灣, 不過我對這城市的人事物 感到非常印象深刻。

R. You are a Spanish muralist with a background in graffiti. In which cities have you painted before?

M. This year I have painted walls in Washington, Vancouver, Spain, London... I don’t know how many more places, but Asia and South America are the ones in my mind right know to conquer.

R. 您是一位西班牙壁畫彩 繪家,有街頭塗鴉、平面 設計的藝術背景,請問您 在哪些城市中創作過?

M. 今年我有在華盛頓、溫 哥華、西班牙、倫敦.....等 創作壁畫,我真的數不清 我曾經有在哪些地方工作 過了,但亞洲和南美洲是 目前我想要征服的區域。

R. Many of your works are displayed sometimes in very big walls including whole buildings facades. How do you make them and how long could it take you to finish one?

M. Usually it takes me a week to finish a whole building facade, I paint really fast because I use paint rollers and many liters of paint, but I don’t use screen projectors or a close sketch of the final piece, I like to change and adjust the work once I am on the wall.

R. 許多您的壁畫作品都是 呈現在面積非常大的牆 上,包含整棟建築,您是 如何做到的以及花多久時 間來完成呢?

M. 整棟建築通常需要花一 個禮拜的時間去完成,大 多時候我都用油漆滾筒和 許多一桶以公升為單位的 油漆桶來彩繪,所以很快 就完成了,但這過程中也 有讓我覺得棘手的時候, 因為我不用投影機或比照 最終版的草稿,我喜歡當 我在牆邊彩繪的時候可以 做些調整或變化,像是多 加入一些元素或色彩等, 正是如此,創作上會有相 當的難度在。

R. Have you ever had any problem while working?

M. Yes... In Brooklyn, N.Y.C. I was painting a huge wall and the third day in the middle of the process one neighbour show up complaining about the mural and decided to report us to the police. It took us long time to negotiate with them , but we finished it. The wall was part of a gallery exhibition and one of my colleagues end in jail that night for painting another wall without permission.
This trip was definitely one of the most conflictive I had in years.

R. 當您在工作的時候,有 遇到什麼問題或麻煩嗎?

M. 有的... 當時我正在紐約 布魯克林工作,我在畫一 棟建築物大面積的牆面, 第三天附近的一個居民跑 來抱怨我的壁畫,還跟警 察報案,我們花了很長的 時間跟他們溝通,並保證 完成這份工作,不會造成 任何的問題。 這面牆的作品是畫廊開幕 展中的一部份,而當天晚 上我同事卻因為在街上未 經允許的情況下畫了另一 面牆,被警察帶到警局一 晚,哈哈!這趟旅程是我 那一年中遇到最多麻煩的 一次了。

R. You born in Bilbao, but right now you are based in Tenerife, one of the Canary islands.

M. Yes I come from the north of Spain where in rains a lot and the people are very correct, very similar to London, and now I Iive in the south of Spain. It is considered the Hawaii of Spain with a
lot of beautiful beaches, really good weather and a easy and slow lifestyle.

R. 您出生於西班牙畢爾 包,但現在居住於加那利 群島的其中一小島"特內里費島"嗎?

M. 是的,我來自西班牙 北部,那裡天氣多雨、人 們較嚴肅,跟倫敦有點相 似,而現在我住在西班牙 南部的加那利群島,有很 多漂亮的海邊、天氣總是 很好、生活步調較慢又輕 鬆,您可以想像它是西班 牙版的夏威夷 。

R. What are your favourite artist at the moment?

M. I always have a lot of inspirations. Right now for me the most influential Spanish artist arePantone and Okuda, shout-out to them!

R. 目前您有最欣賞的藝術 家嗎?

M. 我從年記很小的時候就 開始在繪畫,總是有各式 各樣的創作靈感,目前對 我來說最有影響力的藝術 家是西班牙的Pantone 和 Okuda!

R. Which discipline of your work do you like the most and why?

M. At the moment I enjoy the most painting walls with sprays cans and also sketching by hand. I like to experiment and feel free when I’m painting or drawing, most of the time I improvise during the process making the final result more freestyle.

R. 工作中哪一部份是您最喜 歡的,以及原因為何?

M. 目前我最喜歡用噴漆 或滾桶油漆彩繪壁畫以及 手繪草圖,大部分都是即 興創作,我真的很喜歡繪 畫的時候,那種自由的感 覺,以及嘗試新的元素或 方式,使最終成果更加隨 性自由的成就感。

R. If you could paint in any place in the world, where would you choose?

M. What about Taipei! This city is wonderful,I would love to paint here and meet the locals!

R. 如果您可以在世界上任 何一個地方彩繪,您會選 擇哪裡呢?

M. 當然是台北囉!這是個多 麼棒的城市,我相當樂意 在這邊創作以及學習更多 當地的傳統和文化!

If you want to see more artworks from Muro check his website!



All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and Muro and has copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, we like to share.


16 October 2017


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