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Sticky Monster Lab Expo   (Finished - 已結束)

Exhibition / Songshan Cultural & Creative Park Taipei
展覽 / 台北松山文創園區

Sticky Monster Lab is a multidisciplinary creative studio from Korea founded in 2007 with members from various creative backgrounds.

Their signature style using clean lines to draw characters have take them to work with some of the most important international brands as well as really interesting personal projects including animations, posters, clothes, vinyl toys, branding designs, product designs and many more. 

After ten years of active work they opens a solo exhibition at the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park to celebrate the anniversary.
We visited the exhibition in the opening day and here is some of the things you will find inside!


After two rooms with screenings of their animations the third room will  show you the SML trajectory during this ten years.

They have work in projects for Nike, Mtv, Samsung, The Rolling Stones and many more brands, also designed lamps, an identity for a cafe in Korea, a collaboration with Nissan for a car exhibition and a large et cetera.

They even developed a virtual really experience in where you can skateboard in a entire 3D city designed with a lot of monsters and other characters that interact with you, we tried it at the exhibition and was amazing!


The interior of the expo is organized as a city with different rooms decorated as buildings, you will find a post office, a record label shop, a pharmacy, a skateboard shop, dumpsters, monster walking around and a monster liberty statue.


They also built a real life size room of “The Loner” one of their first animation videos.

SML還建立了他們第一個動畫中 “The Loner”的真正大小的房間。

The entry is 280nt and will be open to visit  from July 13th to September 27th 2017.

If you want to know more about SML EXPO check their Facebook!

門票280元,展期:2017/07/13 – 2017/09/27
想了解更多,請到SML EXPO的Facebook看看吧!


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If you would like to use it please contact us first, we like to share.


13 July 2017

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