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好想吃冰 かき氷

Shaved ice / Daan Taipei
冰品店 / 台北大安區

I want ice so much!
Under this name, 好想吃冰 (Hao Xiang Chi Bing) , we find one of the most visited dessert shops for this summer, located in one little allie near the Taipower Building MRT station, Hao Xiang Chi Bing offers a range of mountain shaved ice in different flavours as well as tea, fruity drinks and other snacks.

With a clean Japanese style, some of the tables next to the windows are quite low and you can seat  on the tatami without your shoes to enjoy the dessert while chatting with yout friends.



We ordered the black sesame with peanuts shaved ice that come with two sauces (also black sesame and peanut flavour) and a barley tea. For the drink we choose a grapefruit with lemon tea.


They also have a lot of “Uchiwa” (traditional japanese fan made of bamboo) for you to take, so if you are thinking to go don’t forget to take some pictures!


If you want to know more about 好想吃冰 check their Facebook!



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13 July 2017


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