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Say Juice 如果說   (Closed-已歇業)

Juice shop / Songshan Taipei
果汁店 / 台北松山

If you are looking to have an ice smoothie made 100% with real fruit or simply to refresh your day with a natural juice, Say Juice is the place you are looking for.
With a clean interior design and a minimal branding this drink shop took our eyes quickly to give us later a healthy option to cool us down in this summer days.

Although they have been running the business since 2015 (If you last this long in Taipei for sure you are worthy), recently they open a pop up shop in ATT 4 Fun with showers inspired installation where you can take pictures.

如果你正在找尋百分之百水果做成的奶昔或是果汁,那麼Say Juice絕對是不二人選!

自2015年營業至今,說長不長,說短不短,(如果在台北可以維持這樣的時間,肯定是有過人之處),而且他們最近還在ATT 4 Fun開了新店,用淋浴間和澡堂的概念打造,非常適合拍照!

They use the slogan “it doesn`t matter where you begin”  in many parts of their branding including the cups and in the decoration inside.

杯子上或是牆上裝飾用掛的布條等,都可見他們的標語“it doesn`t matter where you begin” (無論從哪裡開始都沒關係)。

We loved the minimal way they used to display the open hours of the shop.
With an orange in the morning - the line of time - and the apple in the night ( 11 to 21 ).


If you want to know more about Say Juice check their Facebook!



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29 June 2017


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