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Tango Chow

Illustrator / Hong Kong
插畫家 / 香港

We have recently discovered the work of young talent Tango Chow, a creative illustrator from Hong Kong with a solid style to create drawings that will take you to diferent scenarios full of colour, textures and vitality.

Since a very early age Tango was fascinated by the illustrations of the comics he had and one day decided to took a class to learn how to create his owns comics. This was just the beginning of his career as he gradually discovered that this was definitely his field.

我們最近發現一位年輕人才Tango Chow的作品,來自香港具有創意性的插畫家,以堅實的風格創作出不同色彩、結構和充滿活力場景的繪畫。


With the years he started working as a full-time illustration designer for a consumer product company and nowadays he keep working as a freelance illustrator.

Between his favourite artist and inspirations we found London based Hannah Warren,  editorial illustrator Klas Fahlen and British Daniel Haskett .


帶給Tango許多靈感以及他最喜歡的藝術家為來自倫敦的Hannah Warren、編輯插畫家Klas Fahlen和英國的Daniel Haskett 。

Tango has recently collaborate with us in the making of a very special article that will be feature in our upcoming River guide/magazine Fall 17 issue.

Stay tuned in our Instagram to discover first the realeased of our new printed magazine launch and the stunning illustrations Tango has created for the article!

最近我們與Tango合作了一篇非常特別的文章,即將在我們River 2017秋季雜誌刊中出現。

If you want to know more about Tango Chow check his website!

想了解更多,請到Tango Chow的網站看看吧!


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and Tango and has copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, we like to share.


11 September 2017


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