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The Antipodean        

Cafe & Brunch / Neihu Taipei
咖啡&早午餐 / 台北內湖區

After living in Australia for half his childhood, Andy, 29, decided to come back Taiwan to open a cafe and brunch place inspired by what he used to enjoy back in Brisbane.

We had a brunch with him to find out more about The Antipodean and how is to run a successful business in Neihu.


R. How’s going Andy! Great to meet you today, tell us a little bit about how you become with the idea of opening The Antipodean.

A. Hi! Nice to have you here! I spent 13 years living in Brisbane, Australia before, at that time I used to go a lot to cafes with my friends, was very nice to have brunch together while chatting and enjoying the weather. So I decided to bring this concept to Taipei and open a cafe that will offer healthy yet delicious dishes to company with roasted Coffee and other drinks.

R. Andy!最近好嗎? 今天很高興見到您,可否跟我們說一些您如何開始並想經營Antipodean的想法。

A. 嗨! 很高興你來這裡﹐我在澳洲的布里斯本生活了13年﹐那時我經常和朋友一起去咖啡館﹐一邊聊天和享受著好天氣﹐一邊吃早午餐 ﹐ 感覺真好!

R. For people coming for the first time to The Antipodean what would you recommend them to try?

A. One of our top dishes a the moment is the Acai Bowl with Acai Smoothie, granola, a selection of different fruits, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds and edible flowers, is a fantastic option to share between two or three people. Our range of different coffees roasted in Taiwan are always a must and for summer The Big Breakfast Brunch with a cocktail will definitely help to change your mood for the rest of the day.

R. 您會推薦第一次來Antipodean的顧客什麼餐點呢?

A. 我們的首選餐點是巴西莓碗﹐裡頭有巴西莓冰沙,燕麥片,不同的水果,杏仁,核桃,奇亞籽和可食用的花,是兩到三個人可分享的絕佳選擇。我們有許多不同的咖啡源自於台灣本地購買的烘焙咖啡豆﹐是一定要嘗試的,而且夏天大份量的早餐或早午餐配上雞尾酒﹐對於轉換心情一定有所幫助。

R. We also saw you have ice drip coffee in the menu. Many people don´t know what is this exactly, Could you explain it to us?

A. Sure, ice drip coffee is a concentrated coffee that we brew manually with a special method using a glass coffee maker, the process can take up to eight hours and the taste has a slightly touch of alcohol.
We serve a glass of sparkling water first to prepare your mouth and later we pour the coffee in a glass with a thick ice ball.
For people who like coffee is a really special treat.

R. 我們也看到菜單上有冰滴咖啡。 許多人不知道這是什麼,您能說明一下嗎?

A. 當然,冰滴咖啡是濃縮咖啡,我們以特殊的方法用玻璃咖啡機手工釀造,過程可以耗費至八小時

R. Mmm Sounds good..
Opening and running a business in Taipei will require a lot of work, now that your cafe have been successful what would you recommend to people thinking to open one?

A. I think people usually  just see the romantic side of the business, but what they don’t know is that there is a lot of hard work behind it. We did a lot of research and planning before opening, we travel and put a concept and many ideas together to start.
Having a strong concept behind and a selling point of differentiation will help you to create something that people will remember. It’s a very competitive market.

R. 聽起來很不錯!

A. 我認為人們通常只會看到好的一面,但他們不知道這背後有很多艱苦的工作。開店前我們做了大量的研究和規劃,我們一起旅行,把一個概念和許多想法放在一起來討論。 這是一個非常有競爭力的市場 ﹐ 創業的故事背後有一個強大的概念和不同的賣點可以幫助你創造出會讓人們記住的東西。

R. Awesome! I think that’s all , for sure we will be back soon.
Thank you Andy!

A. Cool! Thanks to you, everybody is welcome to come and have an amazing time with us!

R. 太棒了! 以上是今天訪談內容,但我們很快會再來的。

A. 酷!感謝你﹐歡迎大家來玩並與我們有一個很棒的時光!

Address  地址

No. 4, Lane 26, Gangqian Road, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114

Opening Hours  營業時間

Everyday    09:00- 18:00  

每天營業     09:00- 18:00

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21 June 2017


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