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Après la Mousson

Cafe & Boutique / Fujin Street Taipei
咖啡 & 服飾精品店 / 台北富錦街

Fujin Street is well known in Taipei for being an area with plenty of trendy cafes, restaurants and design shops, located far from the famous shopping spots like Zhongxiao Dunhua or Xiniyi Anhe.
It is a peaceful and nice road to walk and explore an definitely a good option when looking for a quiet cafe to enjoy in the morning.

In a recent visit to the neiborghood we discovered Après la Mousson, a cafe and fashion boutique with a nice offer of desserts and drinks and a lovely space to scape from the rutine.


最近我們去了一間咖啡 & 服飾精品店"Après la Mousson",沒錯!不僅是咖啡廳供應餐點外,還結合了服飾,販售韓國飾品、配件、服飾等。

We decided to try their popular desserts “Matcha Fresh Creamy Roll” which to our surprise was not super sweet, and the “Earl Grey Chiffon Caramel Cake” that in contrast was a little bit more sweet with a rich taste of caramel and cream, definitely not recommended for the people cutting their sugar, but a good option for caramel lovers. They have daily baked cakes that are not on the menu! So don´t forget to ask the staff for them :)


For the drinks, we tried the Hot Brown Sugar Latte and the Berry tea.
The hot brown sugar latte was full of sugary real pieces of meringue on the top! really sweet yet delicious, and for the berry tea which came with its own pot, was not as sour as other similar teas we tried before so we will so happy to enjoy it until it finished.


Address  地址

No. 370, Fujin Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday Closed                                        星期一公休
Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00      星期二至星期天中午十一點到晚上六點

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18 January 2018


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