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Being 世
Li Chen Solo Exhibition 李真個展  (Finished - 已結束)

MOCA / Datong Taipei
台北當代藝術館 / 台北大同區

Li Chen is a contemporary taiwanese sculptor from Yunlin, Taiwan with an stunning work both classic and modern and he is holding now a solo exhibition at the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art.

Li started to focus on creative art back in 1990 after a period working for Buddhist shrines statues.
He seeks to convey the spirit and meaning of Eastern culture through sculpture and he has previous shown his work in Beijing, Singapore, Seattle, New York, Shanghai and Paris.

From the 1st of July 2017 until 27th of August, Being will be exhibiting inside and outdoors of the MOCA Taipei near Zhongshan Mrt Station.




《善變》Mood Swing, 銅 Bronze 2012

《無憂國土》Pure Land, 銅 Bronze 1998

《站立的靈魂》Upright Soul , 木材,鋼板 Wood, Steel

8 Meters sculpture! 

《根氣》Human Nature, 銅、不飽和聚酯樹脂 Bronze, Unsaturated Polyester Resin 2013

《橡皮人》Pliant Man, 矽利康、鋼板 Silicone, Steel 2012

《牡丹》Peony, 銅 Bronze 2013

The outdoor sculptures are free to visited and the inside collection is just 50nt, also with the entry they give you a little tool to clean your phone screen featuring one of his works!


One of the most interesting areas inside is the foggy installation “Innerve‧Artificial Heavens” with a huge monolith and a chinese tower almost touching each other on the top, that represents power , threat, and a sense of territory.


If you want to know more about the Taipei Museum of Contemporary art check their website!



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10 July 2017


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