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Candle Studio / Taipei
蠟燭工作室 / 台北

Every time we discovered a new local brand in Taiwan we are super excited to share it with our audience, but this time, is even more special as the products we bring you today really left us with giant open eyes and a jaw dropping.

EYECANDLE was founded in 2012 in Taipei as a studio, mixing hand-crafted wax candles with a unique artistic vision and very fine design. Since then the company has been working hard in developing new products and taking their candles to the next level.
Today EYECANDLE has evolved into a very promising project with diferent products and collaborations, including a range of room sprays, fragances candles, body perfumes, incense holders and even a collaboration with Star Wars (Go check it this one :O).

One thing really got us impressed was the fine design of their identity and packaging. EYECANDLE don´t miss a detail and opening any of their products will give you a pleasant feeling while you discover all the information about your purchase.

In the best-seller products we found the classic glass jar candle that comes in different smells/flavors including Fig, ORE, IceTea, Civet, Leather Sofa, Yard, Religious Cedar and many others.

One of their signature candles are the super realistic animal-head wax candles. It´s incredible to see the level of detail in this candles, making them almost a decoration art pieces.You will fine different options of dogs and cats , each with a different weight and shapes.

EYECANDLE not only provide home goods but also body perfume for their clients. Some of their fragances are very interesting  including, Ice Tea, Apple Peony, Campfire, Cherry Cola, Oolong Tea and many more that will surprise you. They each have a metal ball on the top for easy application.

And one product we couldn´t forget, the room spray frangances that complete the home vibe with similar scents.

With the recent Covid-19 situation EYECANDLE launched a mini hand sanitizer that works perfectly when you are out of home.

Compared  normal gel hand sanitizers, this one comes in a glass bottle with an alcohol solution and a dispenser system that makes it very easy to use. We have been using it for a while and is impressive how long the bottle last! You could be using it for months.
Also their smell are very unique, in our case we tried the cedar wood Jojoba oil and was super nice.

As everything else in EYECANDLE creativity is a key point in their branding and proof of it is theirs business cards. With two different versions, each has a tiny volcanic rock attached in the middle that served as one of their frangances samples. very original in terms of aesthetic but also useful for the clients to test the aromas.

Discover more about EYECANDLE at

查看更多關於EYECANDLE at


EYECANDLE would be open their first phisically store in Taipei this year.
More info coming soon!


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and has copyright.
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13 July 2020


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