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Fish Bay

Icecream Shop / Zhongshan Taipei
冰淇淋店 / 台北中山

Summer is back in Taipei and we can already feel the need to get some ice cream so we can cool-down. We finally try one of the shops we have seen popping up all around Instagram, Fish Bay and their black Japanese style ice cream is definitely a place you must try this summer. 

They have a selection of flavours you can choose including matcha, taro, Milk, red tea and chocolate plus you can get an extra topping with colorful cereals, oreo cookies, mini waffles and chocolate bits.

夏天的腳步越來越靠近,漸漸炎熱的天氣令人想吃點冰品涼快一下,我們這次去了一間不斷在Instagram上看到的“Fish Bay”,最常見的就是他們的黑色冰淇淋。


Discover more about Fish Bay at

查看更多關於Fish Bay at


Address  地址

No. 11號, Lane 1, Section 2, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taipei

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday to Saturday        13:00 - 21:00   
星期一至星期六                13:00 - 21:00

Sunday                          13:00 - 20:00  
星期日                            13:00 - 20:00


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June 2019


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