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產出 The Food

Cafe & Brunch / Zhongshan Taipei
咖啡 &早午餐 / 台北中山

Having brunch around the city is one of our favourite habits during the weekend in Taipei, this time we discovered a little and warm breakfast shop near the area of Zhongshan called 產出 The Food with two locations, one in front each other (We tried both!).

週末我們最喜歡的事情之一是在台北市找一間早午餐享用,這次想介紹各位一間面積不大但帶給人溫暖氛圍的早午餐店,位於中山區赤峰街上的“The Food 產出”,有兩間店就在各自對面而已。

Their first shop is tiny and old with a vintage feeling, but inside you will warm and cosy, also the decoration is really interesting. 


Is so nice when we discover cafes that are animal friendly.


This one is their second location which seems to be their new shop with more modern and brand new interiors. The menus are the same in both shops so depending which one is full you can try to get a seat in the other one.


Discover more about 產出 The Food at

查看更多關於 產出 The Food at


Address  地址

No. 26-2, Chifeng Street, Datong District, Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Everyday        09:00-18:00   
每天營業         09:00-18:00


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27 May 2019


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