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Hedge Cafe

Cafe / Daan, Taipei
咖啡店 / 台北大安

This week we visited a little cafe in Taipei, near Taipower Building station, where you can find what it could be the most colorful toast in town? Probably you already heard about unicorn food, Rainbow cakes, colorful lattes and more, but in Hedge cafe, we found ourselves almost eating a painting with this toast topped with pastel tones of their spread cheese. It also comes with a filling between the two toast sides that you can choose between, peanut butter, chocolate spread and more cheese (Why not).

We realized that different people get different tones on their toast there so it might be that depending on the day you will get one or another one, in any case, it was delicious both for the eyes and for the mouth!

你曾經有在台北看過色彩最繽紛的吐司嗎?這週我們來到台北捷運台電大樓站附近的一間小咖啡店,也許你有聽過獨角獸食物,像是彩虹蛋糕或色調繽紛的拿鐵等等,但在Hedge café我們發現一份雙層吐司表層滿滿的像是粉蠟筆般色彩的起司,吐司夾層的醬料有花生醬和巧克力醬可以選擇,或是想要更多的起司也可以唷!


Address  地址

No. 3, Lane 74, Alley 5, Wenzhou Street, Daan District, Taipei City

Mrt : Taipower Building / Green Line

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday       13:00 to 22:00     每天營業 上午10點到晚上10點
Friday and Saturday                                   13:00 to 01:00      每天營業 上午10點到晚上10點
Wednesday                                               Closed

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28 March 2018


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