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Coworking Space / Songshan, Taipei
共用工作空間 / 台北松山

Taiwan is gaining a vibrant creative reputation with world-class innovations in technology, media, and design and the number of startups are increasing rapidly in the capital. Although we live in the most digital-connected era of our history, a lot of individuals still working alone with the inconveniences isolation can bring. KAFNU has landed in the heart of Taipei not just to change that, but to offer a multidisciplinary space where you can work, learn, eat, rest, experiment and the most important connect.


Based in Singapore with branches in Hongkong and Taipei (more coming soon in Sydney, Bangalore, Ho Chi Minh and Colombo), KAFNU interacts as a real life social network inside their twelve floor vertically designed villa located at the Songshan District of Taipei. If you decide to join and be one of the members at KAFNU, you will have the privilege of working at the different spaces designed to share and cowork with other entrepreneurs, have access to a big range of meeting rooms (eight in total), use their professional music record and green room filming studio, relax and meet new people in the common areas that will make you feel like at home (or probably better), take yoga and TRX classes with an instructor at the fitness studio, sleep in one of the hotel rooms, assist to their weekly events, have a cocktail at the K2 Bar or simply enjoying a brunch at the Morsel a Nordic restaurant infused with Asian flair.


Kafnu lounge areas are a perfect environment to socialize with other entrepreneur, you will also find sound-proof phone booth, photocopy machines and even a vinyl record player.

The Brunch at Morsel, their Nordic restaurant and café it’s just perfect...

北歐風格的餐廳 & 咖啡廳Morsel的早午餐,真是秀色可餐呀!

The OxigenLab compound two fitness studios offering Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and TRX classes, it is nice to organize your whole day of working, exercise lunch and even rest (They have hotel rooms with beds) and don´t waste time moving all around the city.


Their event space is located in the twelve floor with beautiful views of the city! It is equiped with a cinema screen projector and can host up to 60 people.

Kafnu has a lot of secret areas inside the building and one of our favourites is the K2 Cocktail Bar hidden behind the bookshelf in the event room.
Kafnu 有很多秘密空間,其中我們最喜歡的是隱身在展覽活動空間中一排書架後方的K2酒吧。

The ground floor is open to the public and there you will find the Morsel restaurant and café. During the day the vibe here is really active and exciting with a lot of people. It is one of the nice areas of Kafnu to disconnect and enjoy a break.


If you are interesting in becoming a KAFNU member you can check their membership plans here


Address  地址

No. 101, Section 3, Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

Opening Hours  營業時間

24 Hours open 7 days a week  

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23 April 2018


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