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Restaurant / Daan Taipei
餐廳 / 台北大安

Probably many of you already know Livingreen and their amazing hand made cakes but the more you know about this restaurant-cafe and their owners the more you will love it!  Opened by Taiwanese entrepreneurs and designers Jesse and Sebastian (founders of 雙好. 2 by Wu&Chen) and Sebastian brother Stanley Chen, the restaurant is fully inspired by the beauty of nature, the simplicity of the every-day life in Taipei and the traditional noodle recipes they recover from their childhood.

Livingreen貳房苑由雙好設計(2 by Wu&Chen)創辦人Jess & Sebastian成立,主廚由Sebastian的弟弟Stanley擔任,餐廳概念來源於大自然的美麗、簡單的台北日常生活以及他們童年時期記憶中傳統麵食的味道 。

In Livingreen the selection of noodles bowls are just great, the type of noodle is chosen strictly by livingreen and it is handmade one from Douliu county of Yunlin city. All noodle has to be exposed 6 hours in the sunlight and dried naturally, there is not any chemical additive added. As for the menu, the owners recreate exactly the same recipes they use to eat at home when they were child, sharing a personal memory and a traditional culinary experience to their clientele.

麵食系列是一個很好的選擇,麵條的選用經過貳房苑嚴格把關,選用雲林斗六的手工麵條,所有麵條經過日曬,曬足6個小時、自然乾燥,不添加任何化學添加物,此外食譜方面,Jess & Sebastian將小時候在家裡吃到的麵食味道再次重現,和客人分享個人記憶以及傳統麵食的體驗。

One thing you can not miss to try there is the selection of fresh cakes with natural ingredients and big pieces of fruit that they bake every day.Especially, the fruit tart dough is handmade by almond with seasonal “Taiwanese” fruit. That’s right! All fruits are from Taiwan local, the fruit tarts they supply are not the same depending on different season. So it’s better you check what they have when you are there.


One important part inside and outside Livingreen is the flowers, you will find them everywhere and they really give a nice vibe to the entire place merging design and nature. They also emphasize on music very much, there are not only playing every kind of music but also selling vinyl records & CD to promote independent music. No matter clients drink and talk or eat and enjoy there, all are appropriate.


As designers Jesse and Sebastian has worked in many different projects inside the music industry and other fields including food, photography, packaging, magazines, fashion editorials and more. One good example of their work is this Herbal Tea packaging they created in collaboration with a group of nuns in Taiwan that they are selling to help collect money for charity.

作為設計師Jesse & Sebastian也從事很多不同類型的項目,包括音樂、美食、攝影、包裝、雜誌和時尚編輯等等。其中一項代表是修女茶的包裝,修女茶的故事為台灣南投地利村當時深受921地震的影響而重創,其中達瑪巒部落的地利天主堂負責災區重建工作的郭修女,為了讓部落裡的婦女們可自力更生及在地就業,帶領一群婦女採用有機肥料和無農藥植物,在自家空地栽種並委託廠商提煉各式樣的產品,故可看見修女茶的包裝設計有修女圖樣,其中兩款茶店內有販售,每份茶包組售出,貳房苑將奉獻5元予地利修道院。

Pictures by  Ding Dong 叮咚  and River Taipei


Address  地址

Opening Hours  營業時間

Everyday   11:30~21:00
每日        11:30~21:00


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and Livingreen and has copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, we like to share.


2 August 2018
(Updated article on 12 May 2019)


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