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Cafe & Bakery / Bali Indonesia
咖啡烘焙麵包店 / 印尼峇里島

We continue with our trip in Bali, Indonesia and today we are glad to introduce you to probably the most cool and well designed bakery you will see in long time, Livingstone.
But it doesn’t end there, Livingstone also host a big space inside (and outside with a lovely terrace) full of sofas, different areas to eat or chill where you can have a meal with friends, work with your computer or just spend your afternoon reading a book with a nice coffee.


We couldn’t resist to try the black charcoal avocado and pulled pork burger with fries and although it looked quite simple at first sight compared to other fancy burger places back in Taipei, this one tasted absolutely good, the meat was tender with a lot of flavour and the bun bread a bit crispy, definitely worth to try.

黑木炭酪梨豬肉漢堡配薯條令人難以抗拒啊! 雖然第一眼看起來不是做工很複雜或特別的漢堡,但和台北很多價位高的漢堡店相比,這味道確實是很不錯的,肉嫩又夠味、麵包有些酥脆,值得一試。

Is nice to see how they cared about the branding in the packaging using hand illustrations with some of the ingredients and tools you could find inside of a traditional bakery.


They offer a nice range of baguettes, cakes, croissants and other confectionery products all labelled with their signature in a very traditional but modern style.


Address  地址

Jalan Petitenget 88Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday to Sunday  from 07:00 to 22:00    星期一至星期日上午7點到下午10點

If you want to know more about Livingstone check their website!



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14 August 2017


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