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Dry Goods & Cafe / Ximending Taipei
潮流服飾 & 咖啡店 / 台北 西門町

Located in Ximending, one of the most popular areas of Taipei, We found Provider, a two storey building inspired head to toe in the retro vintage graphics and motorcycle movement originated in United States during 1950´s. 

The shop host a cafe in the first floor, where you can order different coffees, desserts, a nice Japanese rice curry and beers.
In the second floor you will find the boutique with their own collection of clothes and a lot of other different accessories including, mugs, motorcycle helmets, belts, bags, framed posters, and other particular items for decoration like baseball equipment or a tool metal box.

The place is fully decorated with American vintage logos and retro typographies, they even have a beautiful Rough Craft Motorcycle inside!

在台北最受歡迎地區之一的西門町,我們發現了Provider,一間從頭到尾都有著美國1950年代復古流行和摩托車運動味道的潮流服飾 & 咖啡店。



One of their signature desserts is the chocolate green camouflage cake!


Address  地址

No. 105, Sec 2, Hankou St. , Wanhua District, Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 21:00      星期一至星期天中午12點到晚上9點

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11 January 2018


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