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If and Double U

Shop & Design Space / Datong  Taipei
設計空間/ 台北大同區

Created by the union of two Taiwanese clothing brands Wisdom and if&n, a new space has recently opened in Taipei Datong District.
IF and Double U (If = Infinite possibilities and Double U = Unique + Unity) is born to escape from the virtual world of internet where you have a lot of information and content but no any feeling (Touch, taste, smell).

Inside you will find a range of nice designed products, magazines and clothing from selected stores including  30 Select , Washida Home , Boven , If&n , Wisdom , Hauspert , White Rock , Wabisa Bean and 心地日常 , but also workshops, good coffee and the gallery where they usually host exhibitions for different artist and designers.

IF and DOUBLE U:IF=無限可能/DOUBLE=UNIQUE+UNITY(獨到特色+聯眾聚合),為人們帶來網路資訊難以取代的真實五感刺激。

一系列精心設計的產品、雜誌和服裝,來自以下特選商店:30 Select , Washida Home , Boven , If&n , Wisdom , Hauspert , White Rock , Wabisa Bean 以及心地日常, 這裡也有販售香濃的咖啡,不僅是一個工作坊也是一個藝術空間,時常舉辦一些藝術家或設計師的展覽。

The shop is full of details everywhere like this wooden pieces hanging on the ceiling lights.

Address  地址

No. 14, Lane 90, Section 3, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taipei City

If you are planning to visit the space we recommend you to open your eyes and check the address carefully because is located on a second floor and really difficult to spot it from outside 



Some of the pictures are courtesy of If and Double U
以上部份照片由If and Double U提供。

All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and If and Double U and they have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, we like to share.

本文中的所有圖片和文字版權由River和If and Double U 所有。

3 July 2017


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