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Restaurant / Taipei
餐廳 / 台北

If you have been around Taiwan long enough you will already know that finding a good salad is not an easy task. Taiwanese locals prefer to boil or cook their vegetables before eating them and the western Mediterranean salad with raw ingredients and oil dressing is not on their everyday menu.
So this season, we bring you what it could be the savior of all your salad cravings in Taipei, with a healthy menu mixing seasonal ingredients, interesting fresh natural juices and of course a range of delicious salads.



Saladay was founded by Taiwanese designer Tien in 2011 and nowadays counts with two locations in Taipe, one near the Taipei Arena stadium and another one inside the Eslite Dunnan food court.

In both restaurants the interior design is simply beautiful mixing architecture and industrial materials with plants and natural flora decoration.

Saladay由台灣設計師Tien於2011年開業,目前在台北有兩間店。 一間位於台北小巨蛋附近、另一間在誠品敦南店美食街。


We were impressed by the dishes offered there, with some infusion local rice topped with fruits, roman lettuce and nuts, the roasted yucca with corns, red leaf lettuce and sea salt, and our favorite the Italian mozzarella pizza with cherry tomatoes, three different types of lettuce and the balsamic vinegar dressing.


Discover more about saladay at



Address  地址

No. 168, Section 4, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei

Opening Hours  營業時間

Everyday  11:30- 21:30  
每天營業 11:30- 21:30


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10 September 2018


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