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Crib By Pretty Nice

Streetwear Store / Ximending Taipei
街頭服飾店 / 台北西門町

Recently opened in the heart of Ximending (Wanhua district), Crib by Pretty Nice offers a really interesting and unique selection of street wear clothing and accessories. The shop decorated inside in a very industrial way with aluminum doors and stands, neon lights and with a 90’s touch using some old televisions to show their visual advertising of the brand.

位於西門町萬華區的Pretty nice 是一間非常具有獨特風格的街頭服飾店,店家內部以工業風裝潢,鋁合金材質的門和支架,霓虹燈配上 90年代的老舊電視,以此視覺來展現品牌的味道。

Pretty Nice is a brand focused in street wear that mix a strong influence of the original hip hop scene in the 90’s with Japanese anime cartoons, classic American graphics, movie characters and other inspirations all to create interesting garments.

Pretty Nice 以街頭服飾為主,將90年代原始的嘻哈背景結合了90年代日本動畫卡通、經典美式圖畫、電影人物以及其他元素等,創造出有趣的衣服。

This coach jacket was a very rare piece worth to wear next Autumn.


They have a big range of accessories like this lighters, mosquito stickers, socks, necklaces, tote bags.. just to name few.

除了服飾外,還有很多讀配件或小物,像是照片中的打火機 、其他有防蚊貼、襪子、項鍊、手提袋等等。

Also we found a stand full of different caps in the same line of design as the clothes.
Some of the dad caps styles were stunning!


If you want to know more about Crib by Pretty Nice check their website!

想了解更多,請到Crib by Pretty Nice 的網站看看吧!


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27 July 2017


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