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2J Cafe     

Cafe & Meals / Daan Taipei
咖啡&餐飲 / 台北大安區

This week we bring you a hidden two floor café close to Daan park in Taipei.
2J Café is built inside of an old Taiwanese house re-designing the interior while keeping the warmth and relax vibe of being at home. It is a perfect place for people who like to bring the computer to work with a coffee or to spend the afternoon with friends chatting.

They open every day of the week! And their food offer is definitely worth to try, including their beef lasagna, the cheese quesadillas and their fried onion rings with fried potato wedges.

這週我們要介紹的是在台北大安森林公園附近隱密的兩層樓式咖啡廳,2J Café是由台灣老舊房子改建的,在這邊會感覺像在家一樣的放鬆自在,很適合帶台筆電配上咖啡或和朋友聊天在這消磨一下午。 全年無休,每天都有營業唷!不只氣氛好,餐點也很值得嚐試,像是牛肉千層麵、墨西哥起司酥餅還有洋蔥圈和馬鈴薯條。

Address  地址

No. 9, Lane 79, Jianguo South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday to Sunday from 11:30 to 23:00      星期一至星期天早上十一點半至晚間十一點

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26 October 2017


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