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Sugar Miss

Dessert Shop / Daan Taipei
甜點店 / 台北大安區

In Taipei nowadays you will see how people love to take pictures of everything around them. This include pictures of every angle of their food before start eating, so if you are thinking to open a new restaurant or cafe, be aware that food here has to be delicious, but also have to look delicious (and different if possible).

Sugar Miss is one of these cafes in Daan, that aware of that, decided to create something special and different in their menu, and they nailed it with the cube marble cakes.


位於大安的Sugar Miss彷彿意識到了這點,限定大理石豆腐岩蛋糕不只獨特,也是色香味俱全的代表。

With different flavors including milk tea, matcha, raspberry and taro, the marble cakes are covered in a foamy texture that drips from the top of the cube creating a marble print. Although it might look like liquid, the marble part is really consistent and spongy.

Following the marble pattern of the cakes, everything inside Sugar Miss was decorated in marble, including their business cards.

The one we ordered was filled with a milk tea that quickly exploded out when we reach the center of the cube. It also came with the tapioca bubbles (same as in the bubble milk tea) separated in a little dish, so you can pour them on top.

Discover more about Sugar Miss at

查看更多關於Sugar Miss at


Address  地址

N 4,  Guangfu South Road , Lane 290 , Daan District,  Taipei

Opening Hours  營業時間

Everyday            12:00 - 20:00         
每天營業             12:00 - 20:00


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29 Nov 2019


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