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Autumn / Winter 17-18

Menswear Fashion Brand / Taipei
男裝時尚品牌 / 台北

Founded in 2009, wisdom® evolves from urban street to urban outdoor styles in its apparel design. With sophisticated and advanced development capabilities, they offer a wide range of designs for modern travelers that shuttle in different metropolises and weathers.

Under the commitment of TRIP EASY, FUNCTION BEAUTY, wisdom® quality includes lightweight and comfortable fabrics, functional and convenient cuttings, as well as appropriate and suitable storage, to ensure a stylish and functional contemporary menswear.

創立自2009年,從早期城市街頭轉進都會戶外的概念服飾設計,至今以更完整、細膩且洗鍊的開發能力,為穿梭不同都市城鎮的現代旅人、漫遊行者,提供多元的貼身工藝性製作,讓沿途不同經緯區域所遇上的節氣狀況,仍能保有其:“輕機能 便旅型 | TRIP EASY, FUNCTION BEAUTY”的品牌本質 ,包括輕快舒爽的膚觸考量、活動便利的版型剪裁,到行色裝載的空間收納,具體為當代男裝型塑出兼備日常的生活品味,以及機能美學法則的風格實踐。

For this Autumn / Winter 17-18 season wisdom® gets back to basic in a multi-functional collection where design simplicity meets technical features including packing, weather fluctuations, breathable fabrics, warm protection, water-resistant surfaces, flexible materials and cuttings, as well as storage.

本季秋冬回歸到多功能系列,以極簡設計達到機能特性,從打包分裝、隨時可能遇上意外 氣候、增減的保暖透氣或撥水親膚性,以及便利漫遊行動的貼心剪裁與材質用料,甚至是多元收納的考量都包括在內。

Creative Director 創意總監
Hans Chyi

Photographer 攝影師
Sih Wei Chen

Model 模特兒
Shiro Chang

Brand Manager 品牌經理
Alister Chen

Designer 設計師
Zoe Wang

Pattern Cutter 打版師
Ying-Yu Chen

Supervisor 執行監督
JengJr Huang

Assistant 助理
Lea Tsai

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All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and wisdom® and has copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, we like to share.


2 October 2017


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