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Art Gallery / Taipei
美術館 / 台北

Many people nowadays still don´t get contemporary art, specially some of the most controversial pieces that focus in poweful ideas, concepts or statments and leaves apart the common beauty and the accepted canons of what art should look like. At the end of the day art have a very long variety of styles and the audience is free to choose what works they like or not, probably contemporary art is not for everybody.

We are glad to discover that Taipei has a big art scene with contemporary works hitting the galleries and
exhibitions. The city is growing with new art spaces in every corner and one of our favorites is without doubt Bluerider.



Spreaded with two locations in Daan district, different exhibition halls and even their own art-design shop, Bluerider is bringing to Taipei some of the biggest names in the international modern art scene, including Takashi Murakami, Kaws, Willi Siber, Štefan Papčo and Desire Obtain Cherish among others.

It is amazing to walk around their space to discover new artists, feel the creative vibe and connect directly with the works in person.

此藝術空間”Bluerider”在大安區有兩間不同的展館,也有自己的藝術設計商店,Bluerider帶給台北國際當代藝術界中知名的作者,包括村上隆、Kaws、Willi Siber、Štefan Papčo和Desire Obtain Cherish等等。

漫步在這個藝術空間裡,認識許多新的藝術家、感受創造力的氛圍,並且親自與作品有所接觸,感覺真得很棒!Bluerider也有製作名為X by Blurider的自有品牌服飾。

They also produce an in-house clothes label under the name of X by bluerider! 


Address  地址

Bluerider 仁愛館 RenAi Gallery (Hall 9, Hall 10)
開放時間Open:Tue.-Sat. 9am-6pm

Bluerider 敦仁館 DunRen Gallery
開放時間Open:Mon.-Sun. 10am-7pm

X by Bluerider 生活館
開放時間Open: Tue.-Sat. 9am-6pm

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All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and Bluerider and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.


1 October 2018


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