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Rin 0 Studio

Fashion Brand / Taipei
服裝時尚品牌 / 台北

Taipei keeps surprising us with fashion brands that undoubtedly have a big potential, not just in the Asian market but in the international panorama, with talented designers behind working hard to create something different, remarkable and interesting.

Rin 0 is a Taiwanese lifestyle fashion brand focused in leather goods, bags and clothing founded by Jiang Yanting and Zhou Rumu, both graduated from the Fashion Design Department of the Practical University in where one of them later moved to New York in order to continue learning as an internship.


Rin 0是台灣的生活時尚品牌,商品主要是皮革物品、包包和服裝為主,由畢業於實踐大學服裝設計系的江衍廷和周如穆所共同成立,其中一位從紐約實習回來。

One of the most special and recognizable items from Rin 0 is their aprons carefully designed with a more modern approach and high quality materials. The brand started as the two founders were constantly travelling so they decided to create their first bag and other goodies, but later (in 2015) some of their friends opened a coffee shop, and they realize that it was a big gap in the Taiwanese market for professional well designed aprons.


In the past three years, they have continuously refined their aprons not only making them with a good design but also taking care of all the little details that make Rin 0 aprons a good durable tool for work.

Jiang Yanting was responsible for designing and supervising the production. After completing the work of TRAN Spring's designers, He devoted himself to Rin.


江衍廷負責設計和監製,在結束 TRAN泉 的設計師工作後,全力以赴於 rin的工作。

The name of the brand “Rin” comes from the pronunciation of number Zero “0” in Chinese and it is seen by the owners as the core of the brand. The number Zero “0” represents different meanings:

“0 is a circle, which represents a complete, united, and warm sun”

“0 represents the subtraction design, starting from the zero point of origin thinking, constantly correcting and improving the good product, and maintaining an interesting mood to inject the product”

“0 is the integration of ideas for the future, trying to start from the beginning, bring more choices, affect people's attitudes towards life”

“ 0 is a good cycle and must be responsible for incoming manufacturers, manufacturers, and consumers”

“0 represents an earth. No matter what the item is, it has a macroscopic view of the earth and friendly thinking is a good product.”

rin 來自中文數字“零””0”的讀音,被視為品牌的核心,也代表許多不同的涵義:

0 是圓形,代表了圓滿、團結互助、溫暖的太陽。

0 是數字零,代表了減法設計,從零開始的原點思維,不斷修正改善良品,並保持有趣的心情注入商品。

0 是對未來的想法集成,試圖從自己開始做起,帶來更多選擇,影響人們的生活態度。

0 是一個良好循環,對來料廠商、生產製造者、消費者,都必須 肩負責任。

0 代表一個地球,無論做什麼品項,帶有宏觀的地球視野,友善的思維 好好作商品。

Designer 設計師  江衍廷 CYT
Models模特兒   吳素涵 Patricia, 徐承昊, 蔡思韵 Cecilia Choi , 金子祺 Kamtzke
Photography 攝影  AURA aka Leo He, 陳冠凱 Kair Chen, 周如穆 Chou Jumu

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All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and Rin 0 and has copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, we like to share.

本文中的所有圖片和文字版權由River和Rin 0所有。

17 September 2018


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