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Graphic Design & Illustration Studio / Barcelona Spain
設計師 / 西班牙,巴塞隆納

The Spanish design and illustration panorama is stronger than ever and a good proof of that are the Mingarro brothers, Juan and Alejandro, better known in the creative scene as Brosmind.

Back in 2006 they founded together this multidisciplinary studio in Barcelona to imagine, create and develop their own world of humor and good vibes. Since then Brosmind has worked with big clients such as Google, Adidas, Ray-ban and Oreo, they have done a lot of solo and group exhibitions, talking in conferences around more than twelve countries and won big prizes including a gold Cannes Lions.
They don’t seem to stop just here so we ask them few questions to learn more about Brosmind and the work they do.

西班牙的設計和全景插圖一直以來都是很強的,兄弟倆Juan Mingarro、Alejandro Mingarro非常具代表性,別名Brosmind為大家所知


R. Hello guys! how are you? busy with new projects?

R. 哈囉!你們好嗎?最近忙於新項目的創作嗎?

B. Hi, it’s great to talk with you. We are really busy as usual, but happy as we are having the oportunity to be involved in really cool projects for awesome clients.

B. 嗨!很高興能夠受邀訪談,我們一如往常的忙碌,但是很開心有這些機會得到很酷的專案以及與很棒的客戶合作。

R. What would be a Brosmind ideal client?

R. 你們理想的客戶會是怎麼樣的呢?

B. We think that the best clients are those who know the kind of work we do in advance, and give us total creative freedom for a new project. Those are the perfect conditions for an artist to create a truly stunning piece.

B. 我們認為最好的客戶是那些原本就了解我們工作的人,並讓我們盡情發揮創意,這對於一個藝術家創造出真正令人驚豔的作品而言,是一個很完美的條件。

R. Do you guys leave a specific time for personal projects?

R. 你們有留一些時間給自己的個人項目嗎?

B. Is a daily fight! The thing is that our main income comes from our commercial works, and then we develop our personal projects during our little spare time. There's no need to clarify that every single personal project that we achieve to finish is a really fullfilling experience.

B. 這是一個日常的時間鬥爭!我們主要的收入來自商業合作,然後用我們僅有的一點點空閒時間來開發我們個人的專案,不過不管是完成什麼樣的專案,對我們來說都是一個非常全面的體驗。

R. What have been you most challenging project until now and why?

R. 目前為止對你們來說最具有挑戰的項目是什麼以及為什麼呢?

B. Since we are only two people at the studio, even having in mind that we produce really fast, sometimes we get overwhelmed in front of a crazy amount of work. One of the projects which was more challenging for us in that sense, was to develop a collection of 1,000 emojis for LINE App back in 2014. The schedule was really crazy, and we had to deliver 20 new finished emojis everyday during a period of 2 months. Of course at the end we made it and also had a nice time working on them. But man... those were really hard times!

B. 由於工作室只有我們兩個人,即使我們工作的速度很快,但有時對於龐大的工作量還是會有些不知所措;2014年的時候我們為Line做出1000個表情符號,這個案子就猶如這樣,非常具有挑戰性。行程滿檔,我們必須在兩個月內每天完成20個表情符號,當然最後我們達成了並且合作愉快,但…..那段時間真的是很辛苦的!

R. You have works in so many different disciplines including product design, video games, toys, clothes, even one inflatable.
Is there anything you still wishing to work on?

R. 你們有做過產品設計、電玩、玩具、衣服甚至是可充氣的設計,請問還有什麼是你們想要嘗試的?

B. During the years we've been lucky enough to work in almost all of our dream projects. Anyway, we are positive and always think that the best things are always still to come. We recently put a foot into the game industry creating the visual universe for the mobile videogame EGGGGG, and it would be great to be involved in more similar projects in the future. Also, we'd love to go more deeply into the toy industry, creating a whole line of figures, taking care not only of the designs, but also the background story. We'd love to create comicbooks telling their stories, and why not, an animated TV series based on them. Lastly, and into the field of our personal projects, we are also planning to create big format original painting on canvases. It's something we've been thinking during the years and we feel that this is the correct moment to jump into it.


R. Do you guys kept drawings from where you were child?


B. Yes. Thanks to our beloved mother, which acted like an awesome organizer and classifier, we kept most of our early works. We are talking of not only drawings, but also comics, custom toys, home movies... there's a lot of stuff there that we created together during our childhood. We usually show all this material in our talks and exhibitons, as an example of how kids interested in creativity can build a career from it, if their enviroment believes in them.

B. 有~謝謝我們最愛的媽媽,他是一個很有組織以及分類能力的人,早期的作品大多數都有保留下來,我們所指的不只有圖畫,還包括漫畫、自製的玩具和錄影影帶等等,有太多我們小時候一起製造的東西了;我們通常都會在演講和展覽中展示,作為一個例子,小孩子如何對創造感興趣,周遭環境允許的狀況下(家人、老師、朋友也支持,讓你做你喜歡的事情),而長大後變成自己的職業。

If you want to know more about  Brosmind check their website!


If you want to work with BROSMIND, feel free to contact EXTRA BLEND Inc. for futher information at


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and brosmind and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.


7 June 2018


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