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Teng Yu

Graphic Designer & Illustrator / Taipei
插畫家 / 台北

When working in design many people would think that the most important part comes from the computer, but this is just the start... Finishing properly a project and executing a perfect production is a big part of the job.

For that reason, we decided to bring you this season an interview with Teng Yu, a talented graphic designer and a master in producing some of the most stunning stationary and paper projects in Taiwan.
Born in New Taipei City and graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts, Teng yu has worked on projects with important brands (Most recent a big display for Everrich in the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport) founded his own brand called Paper Travel and win several local and international design awards.

Teng Yu’s eye-catching illustrations evoke past and present times in life with common daily situations created with a simple and unique style. Teng Yu also stands out with a fine dedication for the final production and presentation of her projects.


這一季我們想和大家介紹一位非常有才華的台灣設計師Teng Yu,同時也很擅長製作一些像是書本、明信片或貼紙等等的文創用品。Teng Yu來自新北市,畢業於國立台灣藝術大學,曾為一些知名的商家設計(近期是桃園機場免稅商店昇恆昌),並成立自有品牌"Paper Travel",也得過國際設計大獎。

Teng Yu醒目的插圖靈感來自日常生活,有過去較古時的圖像、也有時下現代感的圖像並用簡單又獨特的方式來呈現,在作品最終的製作和呈現也是非常用心和專業的!

R. Hey Teng Yu! how are you?

T. All good thank you!

R. 嗨!Teng Yu, 你好嗎?

T. 我很好,謝謝!

R. Have you traveled to many countries? what are your favorites and why?

T. In fact, I have not been to many countries, I like to stay long and repeat the same cities, so I can discover different things each time and know them properly. Right now Japan is my favorite, They have a very delicate design, I like the metropolitan view, but also the island part and I think the life there is convenient. Their rice is so nice!

R. 你有去過很多國家旅遊嗎?你最喜歡哪幾個國家以及為什麼?

T. 其實我也沒有去過很多國家耶,我喜歡重複去一個城市,在一個地方停留較長的時間,每次去都有些不同,目前我比較喜歡日本,設計細膩地融入在生活之中,也很便利,米很好吃,有大都市的景緻,也有小島的風情。

R. What is Paper Travel?

T. Paper travel is my exercise project a way to practice what I have learned. From the outset it was just a matter of documenting life and travel through paper and imagery but now I am also experimenting with a variety of interesting topics and translating this work into different types of printing and paper.

R. 能跟我們介紹一下Paper Travel嗎?

T. 紙上行旅是我實踐理想的方式。一開始只是單純想透過紙張和圖像記錄生活與旅遊,現在則嘗試各種有趣的主題並搭配不同的印刷與紙張,希望能藉由品牌傳遞紙張與印刷的可能性。

R. Do you usually start your illustrations by hand or go directly into the computer?

T. I usually use the pencil to draw drafts first, and then I scan them into the computer to add the color. I like the feeling of the pencil mine and its tone on the paper. I usually keep this part when coloring my illustrations. In very few cases and due to any problem with the nature of the project I will go straight to draw on the computer.

R. 請問你開始繪圖的時候是手繪還是直接用電腦呢?

T. 我通常是先使用鉛筆畫草稿和線稿,再掃描進電腦上色,我喜歡鉛筆畫的線條感和碳粉在紙張上的效果,上色的時候我會保留這一部分。而少數因為後續製作的問題則會改成全部電腦繪製。

R. You take a good care of the papers and the final production of your projects, what do you think about the new digital era and the apparent end of printing?

T. I think digital and paper printing are two different media. Digital provides a more convenient and diversified usage and liquidity. Although right now the traditional printing is decreasing gradually, a lot of people still like it, I think it won´t totally disappear, but we will find less and less, the trend will gradually move toward the exquisite, it will have a new type of presence in the world.

R. 你對於選紙方面以及最終做品的完成是非常注重並謹慎的,那麼對於現在數位這麼發達的時代,選擇印刷的人和以前相比很明顯地已經不多了,你有什麼想法呢?

T. 我覺得數位和紙張印刷是兩種截然不同的媒介,數位提供更便利更多元的使用方式與流通性,傳統印刷雖然在這時代有逐漸減少的趨勢,但它依然有不少的群眾,我想並不會消失,只是變少,走向也會逐漸邁向精緻化,會以新的型態存在於世界上。


R. How is to live as a designer in Taipei?

T. For me right now is to be always at work. I hope with the time it will balance more between work and life, so I can have more time to ride my bike.

R. 在台北做為一名設計師的生活如何?

T. 最近的狀況幾乎都在工作,希望這段時間忙完後能重新找回工作與生活的平衡,有時間可以去騎騎車。

R. What do you think about the design scene in Taiwan nowadays?

T. There is a big diversity of design styles and designers here have the courage to try different ways. In recent years, the design has gradually been taken seriously by the public. People understand better than ever before the design industry and the environment is gradually moving towards a good direction. Although  I think we still need to work harder, but Taiwan’s design is creating a different picture than the rest of the world.

R. 現在台灣的設計景氣你覺得如何呢?

T. 台灣的設計很多元,設計師也勇於嘗試不同的方式,近幾年設計逐漸被社會重視,大眾對於設計這個行業比從前有更多的認識,環境慢慢往好的方向邁進,雖然仍有許多需要努力的地方,但台灣的設計正在形成有別於其他國家的樣貌。

If you want to know more about Teng Yu check her website!

想了解更多,請到Teng Yu的網站看看吧!


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and Teng Yu and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.

本文中的所有圖片和文字版權由River和Teng Yu所有。

16 April 2018


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