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Cafe / Daan Taipei
咖啡廳 / 台北大安區

Taipei coffee scene continues to grow with new shops opening around the city. This time we bring you a smoothly designed cafe that was known before as Alpha Black (Do you remember their blue shops?). With a new name and a completely re-designed branding, Cafe In is back to business with a minimal image that in our opinion surpass their previous design.

台北咖啡產業的商機隨著許多咖啡廳一間間的開幕而持續不斷的成長,這次要介紹的是以黑白簡約設計的咖啡廳Café In,前身為Alpha Black(還記得當時是是藍色的店家嗎?),此次帶著全新的面貌和大家見面,尤其驚嘆號是非常具有代表性的標誌,強烈的品牌形象遠遠超越先前的設計!

Also they have introduced new bites to their menu, including the famous black sweet potato toast or the white version of it with Cheese.

Recently they also team up with Warsaw artist (Based in New York) Filip Pagowski, to design a collection of mugs, some of the packaing and the decoration of the front-window displays.
Filip Pagowski has previously work for international magazines like "New Yorker", "World Daily", brands like NIKE, NBA and trend musician Drake. Also the designer of well known heart with eyes from Play Comme des Garçons.

與川久保玲御用藝術家Filip Pagowski合作,以其設計的吐司盒和外帶杯吸睛,Filip Pagowski也曾為國際雜誌“紐約客”、“世界日報”或品牌NIKE、NBA和流行音樂家Drake等工作過。

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Address  地址

No. 250-2號, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday to Thursday       07:30-18:30    星期一至星期四 07:30-18:30
Friday                           07:00-20:00    星期五 07:00-20:00
Saturday and Sunday     07:00-20:00    星期六&星期日 08:00-20:00


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22 April 2019


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