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Product Design/ Taipei
產品設計 / 台北 

We are really excited every time we discover great people in Taiwan doing top design products and interesting projects that push the asian country into a bright future. Since the first time we heard about Tripleliving studio and after seeing their Celement products, we have been impressed by the quality of their work as well as their high end production.  Celement is a line of everyday products made from a mixture of cement and silicon in a special percentage that breaks the rules between what you see and how it feels. With a very soft and elastic texture, their hand-made objects reach a new level of good looking design, durability and functionality.



CELEMENT POUCH2  Each of the pouch shows a unique texture with a curved edge and a zipper on the top, that is designed for your pocket size.
The CELEMENT POUCH2 can be used for a coin purse, but also suits as a perfect place to hold your cards, paper money, keys, and more daily items.

每個小袋子都具有獨特的質感,其弧形邊緣和頂部的拉鍊設計適合口袋的大小,CELEMENT POUCH2可拿來做零錢包使用,也非常適合用來存放卡片、紙鈔、鑰匙和更多的日常用品。

CARDX2 provides a big and flexible open top, so it is easy to get your business cards. The design concept is "Extension", along with CELEMENT’s soft touching which has a comforting effect on us. Besides, two-sided surfaces present unique texture. CARDX2 could contain approximately 35 business cards.


This collection transform your desk into a city landscape. Inspired by Taiwanese urban architecture, the penholder feature derives from arcade. It has two compartments, a big and small one, to store office supplies by providing a functional, stylish and versatile storage solution. the shapener is a flexible module. It derives from Taiwanese sheet-metal house that can be placed on the penholder as a rooftop add-on feature.

這個系列可將辦公桌變成一個小型的城市景觀,受到台灣城市建築的啟發,筆筒特色源自街機遊戲的機器:兩個隔間分別一大一小,透過實用、時尚以及多功能儲物的設計提供一個良好的收納解決方案,讓收納辦公用品更加容易和方便。 削鉛筆機是一個可移動式的模塊, 靈感源自台灣的鐵皮屋,可以將其放置在筆架上就像頂樓加蓋的特色。

One of the most simple items, yet interesting. The keyring comes in three different patterns with a unique texture. 


As some of the previous products, the BADGE2 comes in different styles and textures. The soft feeling of the Celement material is combined with a leather weave string. The top is flexible open to easily let you gather your cards and the back is made of a transparent material so you can show your identification without taking it out.

與前面介紹的某些商品一樣,只是BADGE2有不同的樣式和紋理。 Celement材質柔軟與皮革編織線相結合,頂部有開口,可以輕鬆地收集卡片,背面是透明的,無需取出即可顯示身份證件。

“Extension” is a design concept of CELEMENT PLATE. It presents three key features of PLATE, including unique texture, soft touching, and slip resistance. CELEMENT PLATE is suitable for your living gadgets. It provides a perfect fit for placing your glasses, cellphones, stationery, business cards, accessories, etc.

“延伸”是CELEMENT 收納盤的設計概念,展現了三個關鍵功能,包括獨特的質感、柔軟的觸感和防滑性。 CELEMENT 收納盤適合放置任何生活用品,如眼鏡、手機、文具、名片和配件等。

This design is just genius, with a double-faced the coaster is made to put cold drinks in the concave surface and hot drinks in the convex surface.  It can be also used as a small tray for the coins, jewelry, keys and other small objects.


One of the newest products by Tripleliving are this series of architectural containers that let you distribute yout stationary tools around your office desk. This time Celement mix various styles in the same product adding a different vibe with multiple textures including marble celement, marble stone, metal celement and theclassic celement .

Tripleliving最新的產品之一,是該系列的建築容器,可放置文具類用品並任意擺放在辦公桌周圍。 這次,Celement在同一產品中混合了各種樣式、多種紋理,包括綠色大理石、石灰岩大理石、金屬色大理石和經典黑白色大理石。

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All the pictures and words in this article belongs to Celement and River and has copyright.
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30 March 2020


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