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Saki Souda

Illustrator and Graphic Designer / Tochigi, Japan
插畫家/ 日本栃木

Sometimes there is no need to say anything to express what you really want to say and in the Japanese society, no verbal communication is part of their culture when it comes to express their feelings.

When we first saw the work of Japanese creative Saki Souda, we realised that most of the characters in his drawings didn’t have mouth and sometimes the same woman appeared repeated as different persons, but it was this simplicity, the actions and the surrounding details the ones communicating the beauty and the emotions behind this powerful illustrations.


當我們看到日本插畫家Saki Souda的作品時,就可以明白為什麼大部分作品中的角色都沒有嘴巴,而且有時候同樣的女性人物作為不同的角色重複地出現,但正是因為這種簡單,明顯地顯現出圍繞在作品人物周遭發生的事情或是他/她本身的情感或行為表現,也透過這樣的方式來表達作品背後的意義。

Saki Souda originally started by designing books, apparel and goodies for Tokyo indie musicians and although illustration was not a job at that time, he drew every day as a hobby. With the time some of this drawings got into his graphic design works opening a new world in where Saki felt attractive to the beauty and the sadness of the human body.

Saki Souda最初是為東京獨立音樂家設計書籍、服裝和美食,儘管當時做的並不是插畫工作,但他把插畫當成嗜好地每天都在畫畫,隨著時間過去,這些插畫作品漸漸地為他平面設計的職涯帶來展新的世界,他開始被人體的美感和悲傷所吸引。

Saki Souda returned from Tokyo to Tochigi (Tochigi-ken) where he was born surrounded by mountains, rivers in a quiet city with a natural scenery where he started to introduce plants as part of his illustration style. Saki has been invited to become part of SSE PROJECT, a South Korean independent publisher with a nice selection of artist and he is very interested in Taiwan’s graphic design, bookstores and townscapes. Who knows, probably we will see him soon around here!

Saki Souda從東京回到家鄉栃木,是一個環繞自然景色、好山好水的寧靜城市,回到這裡後從植物開始作為自己插畫作品的一種風格,Saki曾經被邀請加入SSE PROJECT,一家獨立出版商,對於藝術家的選擇眼光獨到,另外,Saki對台灣的平面設計、書店和街景非常感興趣唷!


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and Saki Souda and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, We like to share.

本文中的所有圖片和文字版權由River和Saki Souda所有。

24 May 2018


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