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Popsicles / Taipei
冰棒 / 台北

We couldn´t finish this summer without giving a try to this eye catching Popsicles!
Cheerspops is a new brand from Taiwan breaking the rules of boring packaging in the ice-cream industry. They come in three different flavours, Blossoms Milk Tea represented with flamingos, Berry & Amaretto with a colorful stripes pattern and Rasberry Swirl decorated with plants illustrations.

It always feels good to discover new brands in Taiwan that put a big effort to bring something original and Cheerspop is a good example of it!

我們不能沒有嘗試過這賣相令人吸睛的冰棒就結束了這個夏天! Cheerspops是台灣的新品牌,冰棒有三種不同口味並創新出不同於以往市面上單調、較無變化的冰淇淋包裝;如櫻花奶茶口味的包裝是火鶴的圖案、微醺酒釀葡萄是五顏六色的條紋以及初戀野莓是植物的圖像。

能夠在台灣發現新的品牌,並且大力推出原創感覺很棒, Cheerspop就是一個原創品牌很好的典範。

If you want to know more about Cheerspops and get some popsicles check their website!



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18 September 2017


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