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Coffee & Work

Coworking Space & Cafe / Songshan, Taipei
共用工作空間 & 咖啡廳 / 台北松山

If you are one of the lucky people working in a creative field as a designer or perhaps you still a student and spend long hours preparing your next presentation you will already realize the amount of time you usually spend seating in front of your computer working hard. Most of the time being surrounded by a pleasant and quiet environment could be essential to maintain your focus and motivation on the right track.

Today we would like to introduce you to Coffee & Work a coworking space disguised as a cafe, located in Songshan, Taipei.

This cafe was opened by a Taiwanese architecture designer and a good proof of that is the minimal aesthetics you will find inside, using almost only white and wooden colors with some details of black. The space breath silence and peace, making Coffe & Work a perfect place to get your job done and enjoy one of their desserts as a reward.


所以今天要跟大家介紹這間位於台北松山的”Coffee & Work”,如同名字不僅是一間咖啡廳,同時也是一個共同工作空間,可以一邊享用咖啡、一邊工作。


We tried the Rare Cheese cake and was incredibly delicious


They usually play slow relaxing music that complete the vibe of the cafe.


All the stationary and typography signs keep the same clean and minimal style.


Also we found the cafe a nice place to take a break from work and enjoy reading.


They have a top floor with low tables and soft floor to enjoy as a Japanese home-style room.


Coffe & Work is open only for members during the week  with four different plans:

one day for $150 / 10 days $500 / 30 days $1000 / 3 months $2500 (no beverage included)

During the weekend is open to the public with a minimum of one drink per person.
No phone calls or loud noises are allowed inside! 

Coffee & Work平日僅開放給會員並且提供以下適用的四種方案:

1天150元/ 10天500元/ 30天 1000元/ 3個月2500元 (不包含用餐)



Address  地址

No. 14, Section 4, Lane 55, Alley 3, Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Everyday 10:00am to 10:00pm      每天營業 上午10點到晚上10點

Find more about Coffee & Work
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14 October 2018


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