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Ooh Cha Cha

Restaurant / Taipei
餐廳 / 台北

We are always in the hunt for new places to eat in Taipei, and this time we found something really special near Technology Building Mrt  called Ooh Cha Cha!

With the believe that everyone should have the chance to experience nutritional wellness Ooh Cha Cha was one of the first vegan restaurants to open in Taipei with an extended menu using plant based recipes which means no meat, dairy, eggs or animal by-products, the additionally use unadulterated oils, no palm oil or refined white sugar. Also most of their dishes are gluten free and nuts free for those with allergy conditions or just keeping a diet.

我們總會時不時找一些台北好吃的地方、發現新大陸,這次要介紹的是非常特別的餐廳,靠近捷運科技大樓站的"Ooh Cha Cha"自然食。

Ooh Cha Cha是台北第一間全素食的餐廳,以植物為主的健康餐飲,全素食意味完全沒有肉類、奶製品、雞蛋和任何有關動物的產品,使用無雜質的油而非棕櫚油,也不使用精緻白砂糖,大部分的餐點不含麩質、堅果,很適合對這些有過敏和正在節食的人。

We had the opportunity to try some of their signature dishes starting from the Brunch Plate ( Tofu scramble, house-made fries, tempeh bacon, sliced avocado, pea sprouts, arugula, tomato salad and cauliflower almond ricotta) and a Green standard drink ( organic apple, organic cucumber, banana, ginger, organic seasonal green, lemon juice, apple juice).


We also had a Carrot Lox Salad with kale, romaine, arugula, smoked carrot, cauliflower almond ricotta and dill creamy caper dressing.

One of our favorite was the BBQ Pulled Mushrooms Tacos, made with chickpea tortilla, king oyster, mushroom, avocado sauce, cashew sour cream, pico de gallo or corn salsa. So nice to enjoy gluten-free tacos in Taipei!


We also had a healthy dessert! A Protein Smoothie Bowl made with banana, strawberry, organic apple, wild blueberry, pea protein and coconut milk topped with house-made granola & seasonal fruit.


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Address  地址

Ooh Cha Cha [Guting] 自然食古亭
No. 207 NanChang Road, Section 2 ZhongZheng District, Taipei

Opening Hours  營業時間
Everyday / 每天營業  10:30- 21:00  

Ooh Cha Cha [Technology Building] 自然食科技大樓
No. 4-1, Lane 118, Heping East Road, Section 2, Da'an District, Taipei

Opening Hours  營業時間 
Main floor 
Everyday / 每天營業  11:30- 21:00
Everyday / 每天營業  17:00- 24:00


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10 September 2018


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