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Party Events / Spain
派對活動 / 西班牙

As you must already know, one of the most unique parties in the world has finally arrived to Taipei! elrow appears for the first time in Barcelona, Spain in 2010 to bring something different and special to the clubbing scene. Today, more than eight years later, you can visit one of elrow parties all around the world, with over 50 cities in different countries, where they have performed.

We had the pleasure to talk with Victor de La Serna, Head of Music at elrow to ask him some questions about the brand.


很榮幸有機會可以跟elrow音樂總監Victor de La Serna做個訪談,詢問關於elrow團隊的一些問題。

R. How many themes do you currently have for elrow?

V. We have over 15 different themes. Traditionally we take out a couple of themes each year and we add two new ones.
Not ally we launch them in Ibiza for our opening and closing parties. 

R. 請問目前你們有幾個主題?

V. 我們有超過15個主題,一般來說我們會抽一些主題並且增加兩個新的。

R. What characteristics a Dj needs, to play at elrow?

V. It needs to be a party dj, someone who is always reading the crowd and the playing for them. We are a very uplifting fun party, so we need music that matches the vibe.

R. 作為Elrow派對上的DJ需要具備什麼樣的特色?

V. 需要是一個派對DJ ,一個能夠了解群眾並且為他們演奏,我們是一個非常令人振奮和有趣的派對,所以我們需要能夠與這種氛圍符合的音樂。

R. elrow has its own music label, what kind of music does the brand want to be?

V. Same as with the djs we book, we want to release music that is a good reference of what music gets played at our parties. We work with a wide range of artists from up and coming producers to more established ones and that creates a great balance.

R. elrow有自己的音樂標籤,怎麼樣的音樂是elrow想要的?
V. 就跟我們預訂的DJ一樣,我們想要派對上播放的音樂被當作是一個很好的參考,我們合作的音樂家範圍廣泛,從新興到成熟穩定的製作人都有,因而從中取得一個適當的平衡。

R. How long it takes to prepare a elrow party? Create the decoration, train the actors, prepare the venue , do the promotions etc.

V. The process starts when we get interest from a local promoter and everyone from commercial to production start working on it, so it could easily be anything between 6 months to a year. It’s a long process, logistics are very important and we always work with a local team of actors, performers and stagehands, so is a combined work between our team and local people.

R. 籌備一個派對需要多久時間? 例如布置、訓練表演者、準備場地以及宣傳活動等等

V. 當當地的籌辦人想找我們辦派對以及從廣告到製作的所有人專注於這項工作上時,這個過程就開始了,容易地話可以從六個月到一年之間,這是一個很漫長的過程,物流非常重要,而表演者、舞台工作人員我們通常都是跟當地合作,所以這是我們團隊和當地工作人員聯手的工作。

R. We can imagine that to prepare a crazy party like elrow takes a big responsibility in terms of safe and safety?

V. Yes of course, the safety of our team as well as all the customers is our number one priority. Is very important to work hand to hand with the local health and safety team and the local authorities to make sure we are producing an outstanding event in a exceptionally safe environment. 

R. 我們可以想像要準備一個像Elrow這麼瘋狂的派對,對於安全方面必須承擔重大責任是嗎?


R. One thing elrow focus, is to bring a good vibe and a unique party experience, what strategy you guys follow to keep bringing new things to the event and keep it fresh every time?

V. We are all a very creative team and for us the challenge is exactly that, how can we keep innovating, how can we always bring the wow factor to our parties, so we are always creating, innovating and looking for new ways to surprise the crowd. If you become stale in this industry, your days are numbered, so for us is a day to day job to keep innovating and being creative.

R.  其中Elrow關注的一件事是帶來良好的氛圍和獨特的體驗,你們遵循什麼樣的策略不斷為活動帶來新的事物並且每次都保持新鮮感?

V. 我們是一個非常有創造力的團隊,對我們來說,挑戰正是如此,我們如何不斷創新,如何總是為我們的派對帶來驚喜,因此我們一直在創造、創新和尋找新的方式帶給群眾驚喜。 如果你在這個行業變得了無新意,你的日子已經屈指可數了,所以對我們來說,不斷創新和具有創造力是一項日常工作。

R. The big question, How much confetti and inflatables do you usually throw in one elrow party?

V. Hahahaha. Depends on the show, but confetti is on the hundreds and inflatables in the thousands :)

R. 最重要的一個問題,通常你們在Elrow派對中會丟多少的五彩紙屑和充氣物?

V. 哈哈哈哈~取決於表演,但通常是成千上萬的五彩紙屑和充氣物。

R. Some of the most famous elrow parties are open air. How do you usually deal with bad weather conditions? Are all the decoration waterproof ? Do the people keep it up even is raining?

V. Whenever you do open air events you know you have the weather to deal with. To be completely honest, we have been very lucky and I don’t remember more than a handful of times when the weather was a huge issue. All our deco is waterproof, yes. If we see is going to rain we bring raincoats to give away to everyone and try to cover as much of the area as possible. It’s not happened still that weather has completely ruined one of our parties! Touch wood! :)

R. elrow幾場最有名的派對是露天戶外的,你們通常如何應付天氣不佳的狀況?所有布置和裝飾都是防水的嗎?即使下雨,人們還是會繼續嗎?

V. 無論何時進行露天活動,你都知道自己需要應付天氣的問題,說實話,我們非常幸運,我不記得我們有不只一次嚴重的天氣問題。 我們所有的裝飾都是防水的,如果我們感覺要下雨了,我們會給每個人雨衣,並盡可能地遮蓋大部分的區域。 目前為止天氣還沒有完全破壞我們任何一個派對!希望這不會發生!:)

R. What are the next step you want to take with elrow in the upcoming years?

V. We are in the middle of expansion in USA, LATAM and Asia, so is very exciting times! Our elrow town festivals are working really well and we are improving them and growing them year on year... so yes, the future is bright and exciting!

R. 未來幾年你們將要進行的下一步是什麼呢?

V. 我們正在往美國、中南美洲和亞洲擴張,非常興奮!elrow town festival進行的相當不錯,我們也在不斷的改進,每年不斷的成長,所以未來是光明和令人興奮的!

Pictures courtesy of elrow


elrow will be hosting their first party in Taipei this Saturday 24th of November inside the Arcadia festival!
If you want to experience one of the hottest parties in the world check all the info and tickets at:


Discover more about elrow at


All the pictures and words in this article belongs to River and elrow and have copyright.
If you would like to use it please contact us first, we like to share.


9 November 2018


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