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Koala’s March

Chocolate Cookie / Japan
巧克力餅乾 / 日本

Chocolate 巧克力

One of the things you will love instantly when arriving to Taiwan is the amount of different snacks you can find in convenient stores,  including all kind of different potato chips, sweets, chocolates, cookies and drinks, but one you will recognized at first sight is the tiny Koala cookies filled with chocolate (We have this one in Europe too!) called Koala’s March or Koara no machi in Japanese. 

In Asia the snack market is so overcrowded that one strategy all the brands follow is to constantly bring new and crazy flavors (most of them for a limited time) in order to maintain the attention of their audience and keep this NEW feeling in their products.

Today we bring you a little collection of Koala March flavors that we found in Taipei!




Strawberry 草莓風味

Milk 牛奶風味

Pudding  卡士達布丁風味

Red Beans 紅豆風味

Banana Chocolate 香蕉巧克力風味

Caramel Macchiato 焦糖瑪奇朵

Vanilla Ice-cream  霜淇淋口味

Strawberry Sakura Flower Edition  草莓口味-女兒節限定版

Milk Cream 優格風味

Blueberry Cheesecake 藍莓起司蛋糕風味

Chocolate Football Edition 巧克力風味-足球限定版

Soy Latte 黃豆粉拿鐵風味

Cocoa Milk 可可歐蕾口味

Halloween Edition  巧克力風味-萬聖節限定版

Halloween Special Edition  巧克力風味-萬聖節限定版

Halloween Special Edition 巧克力風味-萬聖節限定版

Matcha  抹茶

Cream Pudding  奶油布丁

Milkshake 香草奶昔

Cocoa Vanilla Cupcake 香草可可

Cheesecake 起司蛋糕

Black Edition / Bitter Chocolate 濃黑巧克力

White edition / White milk Chocolate  香濃煉乳風味

Secret Flavour 謎之風味

Other Flavors we found on internet:


White chocolate cream
Soft Cream
Honey Lemon
Caramel Au Lait
Mountain Hut Milk Pudding
Sweet Potato
Honey Toast
Banana Chocolate (chocolate cookie)
Custard Cream Puff
Vanilla Icecream
Kogashi Winter Milk
Chesnut Cream
Cotton Candy
Easter Egg Chocolate
Tanabata festival edition
Banana Milkshake


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22 October 2018


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