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Harbor Market

Convenience store & Cafe / Nangang Taipei
便利店&咖啡店 / 台北南港

If you haven´t visited the Nangang area in Taipei now you have the best of the excuses to hang around there.
Harbor Market, a Plant-based convenience store and cafe focused on healthy food and reducing waste has recently opened its doors.

The first dish that took our attention was the Blueberry Yogurt ice cream with crunchy granola flakes.
Truly delicious and by the way, is vegan!

We also ordered the Beetroot Hummus and Edamame open sandwich.
Full of fiber, folate, Vitamin C and antioxidants. A nice meal to start the day with energy.

We choose a coconut almond milk from their fridge display to accompany the Beetroot hummus toast.
It had no dairy, gluten, soy and preservatives.

Another detail we loved about Harbor Market is the natural light terrace where you can enjoy a morning of reading or work in the computer while having breakfast. If you are afraid of the hot they have a proper air conditioner there!

They have an interesting selection of healthy snacks and reduced waste home products displayed as a convenient store in the entry.

Discover more about Harbor Market at

查看更多關於Harbor Market at

Address  地址

No. 2, Alley 1, Lane 504, Chongyang Road, Nangang District, Taipei


Opening Hours  營業時間

Mon, Tu, Thu & Fri  週一, 週二 & 週四,週五    11:30 - 21:00
Wednesday           週三                                  Closed 公休
Sat & Sun             週六週日                            11:00 - 21:00


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 11 Sept 2020 


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