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Jardin d’hiver

Floral Studio / Xinyi Anhe Taipei
花藝工作室 / 台北信義安和

We start this winter season with the opening of a floral design studio and boutique located in the side of the restaurant and bar, Truffles Living,  in Xinyi Anhe Taipei.

After studying flower design for two years and master one more year in France, Yuting Yen specialized in fresh and dried bouquets, flower interior decorations, flower crowns, wall decorations, and other artistic creations for magazines, events, private orders and shops.

The name of the boutique and now Yen flower signature brand came from the song Jardin d´hiver, a beautiful and powerful French song interpreted by French Caribbean singer Henri Salvador. 

We think Jardin d´hiver and Truffles Living is definitely a winning combination and a beautiful place to visit and experience, from the food, the furniture, the flower decorations, their colorful birds and the vibe inside. 

冬季第一篇文章要跟大家介紹一間位於台北市信義安和的花藝設計精品工作室,這間工作室設立在舒服生活咖啡廳&酒吧裡。設計師Yuting Yen 在台灣做了兩年花藝後到法國進修了一年,非常擅於鮮花和乾燥花束、運用花朵佈置室內空間、製作花圈和牆面裝飾以及為其他雜誌、活動、私人訂單或商店的藝術創作。工作室的名字是一首法文歌歌名,由法國加勒比歌手Henri Salvador所詮釋的歌曲,Jardin d'hiver和舒服生活是一個很棒的組合,不僅空間很漂亮,食物、家具、花朵裝飾、顏色亮麗的小鳥和氣氛等都很值得讓人來這邊一探究竟。

Address  地址

No. 66 Wenchang Street, Da'an District, Taipei City

Opening Hours  營業時間

Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 01:00      星期一至星期天中午十二點至凌晨一點

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18 December 2017


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